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  1. Who or what is an INTP, and is one Complex?
  2. How to spot Judgers and Perceivers
  3. How to spot Thinkers and Feelers
  4. How to spot Sensors and Intuitives
  5. How to spot Extraverts and Introverts
  6. Non-Substance Induced Altered State.
  7. Improving MBTI
  8. An idea for a 4-question MBTI test
  9. Writings about INTPs
  10. It burns when I J
  11. How to spot NTs, NFs, SPs and SJs
  12. 24 types of INTP theory retrofit
  13. Preference vs ability
  14. S and T, N and F
  15. Comments and Criticisms of INTP Videos
  16. You know you're an INTP when...
  17. The INTP Guide to Better Living
  18. Why don't you understand typology?
  19. Behavioral Issues and Type
  20. You Might be an INTP!
  21. INTP is... A Visual Guide.
  22. Muppet Theory
  23. Perceiving Activities
  24. What were you like from ages 0 to 8?
  25. Humor fail: poorly described types
  27. Dario Nardi's "Neuroscience of Personality"
  28. Breaking a Ti loop
  29. Psychotic/Primitive/Video-Game-interpretation of Cognitive Functions
  30. 'F' types more skilled with feelings? or just different decision criteria to 'T's?
  31. Reaction and response to targeted or general emotional outbursts of others
  32. INTP-Enneagram Correlation
  33. MBTI type of your family's dynamic
  34. Best/Worst Traits You Attribute to Being INTP
  35. Personology
  36. typology and the intp
  37. On Introversion and Why The World Needs You!
  38. Sensing
  39. ENFP Empath --> INTJ Sociopath
  40. similarminds and the MOTIV test
  41. Things an INTP doesn't say.
  42. Things an INTP hears all the time
  43. Ne Fe Connection?
  44. simple next level personality test/system
  45. Travelers
  46. INxP - The Dreamgineer
  47. Which type is most likely to play multiple instruments? Etc.
  48. Your Next Most Descriptive Type?
  49. The disposition to stress/risk isn't captured in MBTI. Do we need another letter?
  50. Childhood Scenarios for Enneatypes
  51. You know you're a (ENNG type and/or instinct) when ...
  52. Theory of Sexual Attraction between NTs/STs and NF/SFs
  53. Things an INTP would like to say but does not say
  54. Do INTPs test people?
  55. My obligatory "Am I really an ENTP?" thread
  56. Cringeworthy things said about your type
  57. Lucid Dreaming
  58. Uncertain about type
  59. The medieval INTP
  60. INTP Video Reviews
  61. INTP Hypocrisy
  62. INTP Parenthood
  63. What personality type(s) were the first humans?
  64. What's all this about "complex"
  65. Wiki Note: INTP Women Across Cultures
  66. How are you at finding stuff?
  67. Is MBTI still relevant to you?
  68. What's the most Sensor thing you do?
  69. What do you turn into when you loose your cool?
  70. INTP or just me?
  71. MBTI-related sites that I found useful
  72. What do you do if you're asked to organize things
  73. Putin - INTJ?
  74. Personality Geography
  75. Describing different types of pain
  76. Robert Vaughn - INTP?
  77. What Am I?
  78. intps,entp, or nps do you sometimes experience introverted intuition?
  79. What kind of dog are you?
  80. This is not maths, Tucco! I bet 50G bucks that i know the last digit of Phi3,14!
  81. Chameleons and Octopuses
  82. Retype other members, with their permission
  83. to the intps or nps, how often do you experience eureka moments and insights?
  84. Nick Viall from the bachelor
  85. Pass a little salt..err...no; a lil' personality please! Calise Sellers
  86. MBTI types for Friends characters
  87. Seinfeld MBTI
  88. GOT MBTI?
  89. INTP cops
  90. Do you guys seriously accept scientific statements that easily?
  91. Article on personality type and career achievement
  92. The INTP and other animals
  93. [INTP] Constant Battle With Self
  94. INTP & management
  95. "Ideal" match for an INTP male
  96. "Ideal" match for an INTP female
  97. Women most likely to think beards are cool, by personality type
  98. INTP Humor?
  99. You might be a sensor if ....
  100. Little Topics That Annoy INTP's
  101. Word frequency analysis of reddit posts by MBTI type (INTP, INTJ, ENTP)
  102. please take this test
  103. Critiques of MBTI
  104. Things an INTP doesn't do
  105. INTP Graphics, Charts, and Such
  106. Jared Fogle INTP?
  107. How to handle living with an ESFJ
  108. Tried and tested INTP hacks
  109. When others take the test answering as they think you would...
  110. Mistyped INTPC Members
  111. Great INTP article
  112. MBTI vs astrology
  113. INTPs: which personality types do you click well with?
  114. Space Requirements
  115. My son is an INTP. Now what?
  116. MBTI stereotypes
  117. Undeveloped human gifts: friend or foe to the rest?
  118. Friend request limit for INTP
  119. This tool infers personality type from your writing or Facebook profile
  120. Type, Cognitive function theory, and T vs F preferences
  121. When you don't know if you're an Intp or infp...
  122. Mbti cannot be proven as correct.
  123. INTP vs INFJ
  124. Big 5/SLOAN/Whatever - How is it useful?
  125. Am I an INTJ?
  126. Tell Vortex What an Ebil Feeler/Sensor/Whatever He Is Here!
  127. Quite Long D_et_D test, but worth it!(?)
  128. Two ways of YOUR "The One Ring"
  129. Enneagram Typology: valuable alternative or flimsy fluff
  130. Coming out of the NF closet thread
  131. Not INTP or just not me?
  132. Four types of introversion
  133. INTP Utopian Manifesto
  134. Type compatibility (according to answers on OkCupid)
  135. The Types and Influences of Your Inner Circle
  136. Your Least Favourite Type
  137. Enneagram 8w7 & Tri-types
  138. INTx. Damn XD
  139. MBTI forum moderation philosophy
  140. Are you REALLY an F?
  141. How I stop blaming my personality and circumstances, and took responsibility
  142. Have you ever: The Introvert excuse.
  143. How to seduce an INTJ male (or achieving the impossible)
  144. Becoming ANTJ
  145. Why are you, your MBTI type?
  146. MBTI Casual Typism
  147. Sensor Praise
  148. The 5th dimension of MBTI - calm vs limbic
  149. J vs P case in point
  150. How to seduce an xNxx female? Help for the impossible.
  151. In what ways are you the opposite of your stated MBTI preferences?
  152. MBTI biases: Introverts and Extraverts
  153. MBTI biases: Intuitives and Sensors
  154. MBTI biases: Thinkers and Feelers
  155. MBTI biases: Judgers and Perceivers
  156. The usefulness of MBTI
  157. Create your own typology
  158. What does an INTP in love look like?
  159. I'm not an INTP
  160. Flaws Differing
  161. What's your personality type when you get drunk?
  162. Personality in the Face
  163. Why do so many INTPs smoke?
  164. You might be introverted if
  165. What's your Enneagram Type?
  166. do this or be passive aggressively derided
  167. Why INTP tend to criticize a lot about INFJ
  168. I never stand up for anything
  169. Associate your travel preferences with your MBTI preferences
  170. Do you believe in magic?
  171. If you want to understand Ne come here
  172. I designed a new personality quiz
  173. Any of you have a fight with INFJ
  174. Advice on type according to this audio clip of me answering mbti questionarie
  175. Differences in the Structure of Knowledge
  176. MBTI fluff
  177. Type the member above you
  178. For years i thought i was INTP but iam not. I am ENTP
  179. Knowing your type - how do you use that information?
  180. MBTI observations in the wild
  181. How do you introduce MBTI
  182. INTP self love/hate
  183. What's Your Dark Core Score?
  184. MBTI Continued: The Beebe Model, Individuation, "Function Development"
  185. What are your MBTI / Typlogy resources?
  186. MBTI vs quotient. Yes, THAT quotient.
  187. Inside the Mind of the INTP
  188. add
  189. Does anybody here give a shit about MBTI anymore?
  190. MBTI Percentages
  191. Does anyone dabble on INFJ forum?
  192. Different "personalities" within a person - and change
  193. Advice: working in a team with a Te-dom
  194. A new vision of MBTI and function stacks: Open function stack
  195. Forumizing the World
  196. the Magic the Gathering color wheel
  197. Your Blood type?
  198. How to deal with people with poor comprehension skills?
  199. You might not be an INTP if ...
  200. Are you faithful?
  201. Wjhat A-Team characther art thou?
  202. Games withIntp