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  1. When humanitarian aid hurts the good guys
  2. SSJW Propaganda #1: 78 Cents on the Dollar Sexual Wage Disparity
  3. Unprogressive solutions
  4. Presidential debate thread
  5. Ideological Censorship on Privately Owned Internet Sites
  6. Creepy Clown Sightings
  7. US Election Protest Vote
  8. Black American Heroes and Anti-Heroes
  9. Future consequences of the current US election?
  10. Will Obama Pardon any Campaign and/or Foundation Donors?
  11. What, if any, reaction did you have to the WTC collapse?
  12. Grassroots Progressive Politics
  13. Your Predictions: Divvy Up the Map, Pres. Race 2016 Ed.
  14. Trump's First 100 Days
  15. Could Trump become a dictator?
  16. Donald Trumps Election as an Implicit Endorsement of Sexism in America
  17. We must forge the INTPsphere out of the current chaos!
  18. Things That Almost Make 2016 Worth It
  19. Why do people hate Hillary so much?
  20. your political perspectives and distortions as a child
  21. Someone opinion of trump
  22. eDemocracy
  23. Socio-Political Terminology
  24. America's low-skill workers want their damn jobs back! Wait...
  25. Democrats: Bringing them back into the fold
  26. A Different Case for The Wall
  27. Australian Politics or: All Aussie Adventures... explored
  28. Trumpists and the spirit of ISIS
  29. Your Top 5 - Most Influential Books
  30. Reddit and the Infowars
  31. Oil Boil Toil and Trouble
  32. Alt-right, fake news, and similar bullshit.
  33. Obama a part of the Trump Administration?
  34. Where do you situate yourself on the political spectrum?
  35. Primitivism
  36. The war in/on Syria, who do you support?
  37. Why are some people seduced by authoritarian leaders?
  38. Adorable little people... well that's what I call them anyway.
  39. European Army
  40. Predictions for 2017
  41. Liberate Puerto Rico
  42. Death penalty for Charleston shooter
  43. Death Penalty: Would You Be An Executioner?
  44. Wet foot, dry foot
  45. Obama's Legacy
  46. Aggressive protesters vs. traffic ways
  47. Deep Politics - Out of Bounds
  48. Are you proud of your culture?
  49. Pizzagate/Pedogate
  50. Healthcare stories
  51. Harsh Initial Judgments Later Tempered
  52. JFK Assassination
  53. We never get to see the monkey people
  54. Guy Dragged off of Airplane
  55. The Drums of War (Russia vs World)
  56. Winter's Come: "a new kind of Victorianism"?
  57. How can multiculturalism work if it supports cultures that reject multiculturalism?
  58. Alex Jones: Character Actor and/or Perjurer?
  59. End Times
  60. Burnout
  61. Possible Solutions and Positive Trends
  62. Is "hitting your funny bone" cultural?
  63. Why is the USA so divisively partisan?
  64. Government Surveillance Apparatuses
  65. Comey Testimony (Russia Scandal)
  66. Violent Extremist Attacks London Mosque
  67. Would You Submit to Conscription?
  68. Who are the Proud Boys?
  69. How many Americans are Deplorable?
  70. The replacement of religion with dogmatic worldviews
  71. Articles on how the sexes relate in contemporary societies and historically
  72. Teens film, mock man as he drowned
  73. Post Your Traditional Dress (Image heavy)
  74. Images of Jesus
  75. Solar Eclipse 2017
  76. What are your Political leanings?
  77. Universal Basic Income
  78. Footage of man being hit by a train
  79. Historical Persons of Interest (Social Anthropology)
  80. Inspirational socialist writings
  81. How bout that weather
  82. Technology and Science without Agriculture?
  83. The Bristol Piano Man
  84. Katrina Revisited
  85. The Voyager Golden Record
  86. Trump's Last 100 Days
  87. Yet Another Mass Shooting
  88. Catalonia vs Spain
  89. Hypothetical: which US state is likely to seek secede from the republic first?
  90. Teresa May's Last x Days
  91. Survivalism and Disaster Preparedness
  92. Deport all undocumented immigrants except
  93. Bad parents? The couple released from captivity
  94. Florida News
  95. Controversial Video Debate - Vid 1 - Black Lives Matter, Racism.
  96. Parasitic Architecture
  97. Red October!
  98. Math perpetuates white privilege
  99. Ripped jeans to jury dury
  100. #Nov4ItBegins: Last chance to state your predictions
  101. Maggots in baby's diaper
  102. Louis CK allegations
  103. Veteran's Day
  104. Charles Manson
  106. Favorite/Underappreciated Speculative Fiction
  107. Google Translate and Genderless-to-Gendered Translations
  108. Elsagate
  109. North Korean Uni. in Japan?
  110. Your news source may be unreliable if...
  111. Net neutrality
  112. List of words the CDC is banned from using in 2018... discuss.
  113. Black Bloc Criminal Conspirators
  114. Missile Threat Alerts
  115. Did Donald Trump ever blame marginalized groups for bad economic times?
  116. Things you would protest...
  117. Guns Don't Kill People
  118. The Best News Source
  119. Guns you'd like to own.
  120. Guns that don't kill people
  121. Banhammers don't ban people
  122. Ze Germans
  123. Russia-Britain Diplomatic Crisis
  124. Is Catoptric's video collection more trustworthy than Mainstream News?
  125. Historical Heartthrobs
  126. Scot who taught pug nazi salute convicted of hate crime
  127. April Fools
  128. Do you support safe injection sites in the U.S.?
  129. Decriminalized or legalized prostitution
  130. Writing in Cursive
  131. Buildings We Like
  132. Alright here's a question for you all
  133. Alfie Evans
  134. Killer found using DNA website
  135. Candace Owens
  136. Clinton: Being a capitlaist "probably" hust me with Dem voters
  137. Rap Culture
  138. WINAMP - the revolution that was, wasnt and could have been
  139. South African Land Invasions
  140. Shit Coffee (aka Kopi Luwak)
  141. BBC fake sex news
  142. Describe your sex life with a Trump quote
  143. Michael Rotondo vs Aaron Schlossberg
  144. The Pro-Trump Thread
  145. Oil Reserves and Crisis
  146. How Trump Hurt America
  147. What is Oklahoma City like?
  148. Separating kids from parents at the border
  149. "Roseanne" Reboot Gets Cancelled
  150. The End of Roe v. Wade?
  151. Godwin Wars - Split from Historical Fragments
  152. What socio-economic elements of our time will future epochs judge negatively?
  153. QAnon
  154. The Curley Effect
  155. People you WISH were the RIP thread
  156. Satanic statue unveiled at Arkansas state capitol
  157. Central Banking and the US and China, Oh My!
  158. Nationwide Prison Strike
  159. US Supreme Court Vacancy
  160. Maybe it wasn't Russian hackers who leaked the DNC emails...
  161. Space Force
  162. Are the Police Sexist?
  163. Presidential Alert
  164. The Current State of Climate Change
  165. Climate Change: The conversation needs to change from prevention to mitigation
  166. Things that would quit being things under your New World Order
  167. Making fun of your own culture
  168. Gender neutral writing
  169. Moderate scenario of civilzation's decline: Year 2150
  170. Mattresses, pillows, beds, and sleep positions.
  171. US foreign aid to Latin America should be ended
  172. The best a man can get
  173. Internet Balkanization
  174. Visiting a time in history
  175. Unrest in Venezuela
  176. Article Discussion: The Dangerous Bullying of Ilhan Omar
  177. Awful Political Memes
  178. Is the Wall Immoral?
  179. What Does NWO Mean to You?
  180. Cyberpunk News Articles
  181. Michael Cohen testifies
  182. Examples of Doublethink
  183. Positives and Negatives of Welfare
  184. Boy Scouts vs 4-H vs ???
  185. Socialism in the US
  186. Russian Collusion?
  187. Gen X as a bridge/middle child
  188. 2020 Presidential race
  189. Critizing lifestyle choices, is it justified?
  190. Changing the way Society Functions in the US
  191. US-China Trade War
  192. US Visa applicants to submit social media info
  193. Fake meat will save us
  194. Just some journalists doing interviews