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  1. NSA scandal headed for the courts
  2. Historical Fragments
  3. Feminism.
  4. News Articles that don't deserve their own thread
  5. Santa Claus Tribulations
  6. Bless your heart Uruguay.
  7. cool museum exhibits
  8. Swearing
  9. What's Wrong With TED? or Why is cool future so hard?
  10. Freak News
  11. Political Movements from the Internet
  12. News articles that should be in the Onion
  13. President to create 5 new vote buying zones
  14. The INTPplex Political Bias Review
  15. Would You Let This Woman Die?
  16. Take the day off.
  17. Basic Income
  18. Why are school shootings becoming more commonplace?
  19. What would you change about the culture you live in?
  20. Generational theft, how do you 18-35 year old feel about it?
  21. Live stream of riot in Ukraine's capital
  22. State of the Union 2014
  23. RIP Thread
  24. Burqa
  25. Overfishing:(
  26. Gender roles and the bullshit that women, men, boys, and girls endure
  27. Women in the Military
  28. Eco-friendliness in the military
  29. Totally Awesome Moments in Military History
  30. 2014 Winter Olympics Thread
  31. Arranged Marriages: A Truly Unwise Proposal I've Chosen To Champion
  32. Ukraine political unrest
  33. Edward Snowden Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize
  34. Cause of the American Civil War
  35. Near earth asteroid predicted in space weather this evening.
  36. Can This Shithole Be Saved?
  37. Duke University: $60,000/year is a discount
  38. Plan to Split California into Six States
  39. Happy Ragnarok
  40. Vladimir Putin and/or others like him to be overthrown
  41. Washington's credibility
  42. China Publishes 2013 U.S. Human Rights Record
  43. Obama=Nixon
  44. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
  45. Let's infiltrate a cult!
  46. April Fools is stupid and annoying
  47. Editing Wikipedia
  48. What amount of political diversity should a state have?
  49. (De)Humanizing Jeffrey Dahmer
  50. Afghanistan War in Retrospect.
  51. Storyville
  52. What is feminism to you?
  53. What do you think about abortion?
  54. Powdered Booze
  55. Should weed be legalised?
  56. Historical facts that are complete bullshit?
  57. Anarchism
  58. equity and the internet
  59. Dulce et Decorum Est?
  60. Solitary Confinement
  61. Menstrual Leave?
  62. Genealogy
  63. Santa Barbara shooting / Elliot Rodger
  64. Sexual Habits In The US - Survey Results
  65. Bowe Bergdahl
  66. Moncton Shootings
  67. What are your preferred online news outlets?
  68. Education, Wealth Disparity, and "The Work Camps"
  69. Scottish Independence Referendum
  70. (Split) The ACA, and Healthcare in America
  71. Teabaggers
  72. Middle East Sectarian War
  73. Expressing Personal Political Opinions on Social Media
  74. Interesting Quotes.
  75. What makes something racist? A Washington Redskins thread
  76. IRS-gate
  77. Andrew Jackson, Early Native American Wars
  78. Post Colonization borders: ignorantly or purposefully drawn?
  79. Responses to lectures, discussions, and debates.
  80. Climate Centered Populist Movement
  81. On global warming and Human Nature
  82. hobby lobby and the war on women
  83. Goodbye, American Malls
  84. Vice
  85. Political Theory
  86. Cultural and Personal Identities
  87. Four Day Work Week
  88. Politicology
  89. MH17. Anybody?
  90. the sins of our ancestors
  91. Physically Resisting Arrest should be a Serious Crime.
  92. Obama - Left, Right, Center?
  93. WW1
  94. The (Mis)Appropriation of the Native American Headdress
  95. Ebola: Running wild in West Africa AND Comming to Atlanta???
  96. Israel/Palestine--the Song that Never Ends
  97. Vulture Max
  98. Statistics and Political Advocacy
  99. "Fake" progressivism and "genuine" conservatism-- why?
  100. Healthcare and Social Policy Debate (Split from What is feminism to you?)
  101. Political Test
  102. Voting
  103. Alternative start to WW2
  104. Clinical Research into the effects of Psychological Torture on Infant Monkeys
  105. Scottish Forecast: Falkirk or Bannockburn?
  106. Antiheroes
  107. Advertising
  108. Postal Banking.
  109. Multi Planet Species Pros and Cons
  110. The Welfare State
  111. Should people be allowed to live permantly without working?
  112. Should People Be Allowed to Live Permanently
  113. Nobel Peace Prize 2014
  114. Democracy OS
  115. Neo-liberalism: Shit, or Freedom™
  116. Maps, Globes and History
  117. The Ebola Scare
  118. Political Conspiracy Theories that make you chuckle
  119. Funny things that don't make you chuckle
  120. Help, I'm surrounded by Libertarians!
  121. your student loan debt
  122. International Men's Day
  123. Feminism for dummies
  124. Local language variants
  125. former evangelical celebrities
  126. US moves to end Cuban embargo
  127. Sony Hacking
  128. Socialist Revolution
  129. Je suis charlie
  130. State of The Union
  131. Yo Soy Nisman (Argentine and Iranian Intrigue)
  132. Greek elections
  133. The Ethics of Ownership
  134. Israel's right to defend itself
  135. Anti-Vaccination Movements and the Measles Outbreak: Personal Choice vs Public Health
  136. The Workers Think Tank
  137. The populations of countries diagram
  138. Supreme Court of Canada Strikes Down Ban on Physician-Assisted Suicide
  139. Your Favorite Imperial Power(s)
  140. Does Showing a Horrific Video Serve a Legitimate Journalistic Purpose?
  141. Do You Like America?
  142. Would you make a good Communist citizen?
  143. Propoganda Wars
  144. 140+ dead in double mosque suicide bombing, Sanaa' Yemen.
  145. Are the masses getting better at systems thinking?
  146. False Accusations
  147. Germanwings crash
  148. US soldiers recently routinely raped Colombians, including children
  149. Indiana's Religious Objection Law
  150. Iran nuke deal
  151. John Oliver interviews Edward Snowden
  152. California Drought
  153. Dressing up -- Love it? Hate it? Is it like Halloween for you?
  154. Apocalypse as Metaphor for Adulthood
  155. US presidential campaign
  156. Blog posts you enjoyed
  157. Adam Curtis
  158. UK General Election
  159. The UK general election result
  160. Torture
  161. The Great Conspiracy - Ancient Society, Modern Day, and your Enslavement for Control
  162. Reddit - The New Safe Space
  163. The emperor's new clothes
  164. Silk Road's Life Sentence
  165. Lead-up to WW3
  166. NAACP leader pretending to be black (a news article that needs it's own thread)
  167. Words in other languages
  168. Collapse Scenario: Culture
  169. Facebook Rainbows
  170. Positive World Trends
  171. To Be Nice vs. To Be Good
  172. Social Programs You'd Implement
  173. ‘Comply’ is the New ‘Coexist’
  174. Why St. Louis? This MIGHT be why…
  175. Wikipedia Articles
  176. US Internment Camps: Why not?
  177. Disillusionment with Democracy
  178. The Napoleon Tangent
  179. Essays you like
  180. New era of civil rights action?
  181. I'd never vote for a ...
  182. What do you think of America's Republican party?
  183. Uber, Lyft, ride sharing
  184. World Leader Wars: Donald Trump vs. Kim Jong-un
  185. Basic Income may get a test drive in Finland
  186. What's there to say?
  187. The Right to be Forgotten
  188. Heartwarming news stories
  189. What are you listening to (Other than music. eg Podcasts and Talk Radio, etc)
  190. Should the most horrifying and irredeemable people be condemned to die?
  191. Corbyn is new British Labour Party leader
  192. European migration crisis and the incredible lies in media
  193. What is culture?
  194. Reactions to VW Scandal
  195. Racist Teacher, Trolling Teen, or Something In-between?
  196. Drug price gouger: He chose... poorly!
  197. "You still don't get it!" -- Equality NOW -- #blacklivesmatter, and more!
  198. Discuss the neoreactionism (NRx) movement
  199. Publicly affirm your support for strong encryption.
  200. Are nuclear weapons still needed?
  201. Canadian Election Thread
  202. Paris Bombings
  203. Su-24 shoot-down by Turkey, split from Paris bombings thread
  204. Functional Democracy
  205. Stemming the Radicalization of Islam in the West
  206. Guns in the US -- split from another thread
  207. Yo Whitey, Has Obama made you more Racist?
  208. Which parents deserved custody?
  209. The Myth of White Privilege in Modern America
  210. This Bullshit Going Down In Oregon
  211. Corruption, government and the banks ("The Big Short" movie)
  212. improvements to our political system(s)
  213. A Letter to the College Students of Today - What.... the.... fuck
  214. Fixing The Rape Rate
  215. United States, bearer of the Torch of Light.
  216. Organizations You Support
  217. The Failure of Socialism (And Whether We Can Fix It)
  218. fascism: a new definition
  219. New Zealand Flag Wars
  220. EgyptAir Flight 181 & "Terrorism"
  221. Balance
  222. Panama Papers
  223. Calendars and date notation
  224. Right-wing advice, in American Latin
  225. TS Crapper Policies
  226. Recommend authors or books which covers traditions of ancient civilizations
  227. Happy Killdozer Day!
  228. The Big Lie about The Big Short
  229. Brexit - Britain leaving the European Union
  230. White people, or Might as well be White People: Pride or Shame?
  231. Stanford Sexual Assault Discussion
  232. Endangered Languages & Linguistic Diversity
  233. Bird Watching
  234. Orlando Pulse Shooting
  235. unfettered immigration
  236. The Salton Sea
  237. May I Curse In Your Dialect?
  238. Radio Brexit
  239. The Beauty of Islamic Culture
  240. Alvin Toffler, and prophetic Futurist dies at 87
  241. Dallas Shooting: Multiple Officers Killed
  242. Nationalism and Climate Change
  243. UK Municipal Bonds for US investors?
  244. Attempted Coup in Turkey
  245. Terror in Europe
  246. 19 killed in mass stabbing spree
  247. 2016 Olympics in Rio
  248. Debate me about the 9/11 Controlled Demolition theory....
  249. Foreign Aid
  250. Illiberal and Unhinged SJWs