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  1. Career dissatisfaction
  2. Grad student lives in van to avoid student loans
  3. College Algebra
  4. Networking for Introverts
  5. College Spring Semester 2014, major, classes and how you are doing
  6. Interviews Are For Suckers
  7. Let My Bleeding Heart Lick Your Tears of Code
  8. What do you think is wrong with modern education?
  9. Can someone recover from being a burnout? Should someone recover?
  10. Best Bosses
  11. If you could study or go to school for anything
  12. Awesome Words that You Just Learned
  13. Problems with Despondency & Missing the Past
  14. How to -- easily switch from natural to social sciences
  15. The Teacher's Dilemma?
  16. Do you tell?
  17. Slacker( psychological or life choice)?
  18. Lilfe choices
  19. Unpaid Internships
  20. Science grad school in the USA and Canada
  21. lynda.com
  22. Jobs You Wouldn't (or can't) Go Into, But are Very Interested In
  23. Working from Home Dilemma
  24. Have you ever been falsely accused of sexual harassment? How did you handle it?
  25. Retirement- Are you thinking about?
  26. Need direction/reality check
  27. What is success?
  28. What was your best job?
  29. What was your worst job?
  30. Labor conflicts
  31. Support Your Radical Intellectuals
  32. Shobia Career Quiz
  33. Teaching Experiences
  34. Things teachers are doing wrong
  35. Negative work
  36. Creative work & freelancing
  37. How to Murder Your Intellectualism
  38. My Strike Day
  39. Health Professions
  40. Social Marketing Suggestions
  41. Academic Labor
  42. If you lost your job
  43. How much money is enough?
  44. Booking Appointments Exchange
  45. Currency Trading
  46. Describe a typical day at work
  47. Business ideas INTP-style
  48. Bored to death at school
  49. Lesser know programming languages that pay
  50. Living to your full potential or take it easy?
  51. Mentorship
  52. Don't go to grad school?
  53. Need a Website?
  54. Arbitration agreements, would you sign?
  55. If you would put up a school, what kind of school would you put up?
  56. Professional development
  57. YCombinator Random Startup Generator
  58. Ideas for Extended Essay or just in-depth research in general
  59. The Best and Worst on Coursera
  60. US citizens living/working abroad
  61. Salary negotiations
  62. Literary Canon: Let's dust off some old books, and burn some others
  63. An INTP’s Career Journey & Reflection
  64. managing INTP's at work
  65. Accounting
  66. How much is it worth to be able to walk to work?
  67. Career change to software /web development
  68. Waldorf Schools
  69. INTP - Facial Expression Affect and Intimidation Factor
  70. Morality and career decisions
  71. Retirement
  72. What is the best career path for me?
  73. Where would you rather work (as a Software Engineer)?
  74. Physics flavors.
  75. Size matters?
  76. Canada
  77. Mentor vs Team
  78. Where would you rather attend Grad School (M.Sc, Computer Engineering)?
  79. What size company would you rather work at?
  80. Bad Boss, Bad Software
  81. Work ethic
  82. Productivity Link Collection
  83. Questionable Work Puns
  84. Oh, I missed that in college! Knowledge gaps.
  85. What class in k-12 was the most worthless or worthwhile to you?
  86. Most fun job you ever had
  87. suggest a masters topic for me
  88. Shockingly outdated ICT course
  89. Resume length? (#pollnotpoll)
  90. LSAT Reading Comprehension Passages
  91. Did the NY Times use the word "subjugation" correctly?
  92. Skill Trades Jobs
  93. Honest resume experiment
  94. Vain jobs
  95. I am an INTP who loves or likes his/her job.
  96. Networking
  97. Employee self-evaluations: Is this a thing now?
  98. Our Nefunction
  99. If you could take a free course at <great college>, what and why?
  100. Deadlines - what does "by" mean?
  101. Career in IT with only an associates degree at first?
  102. voluntary internships?
  103. Workin on ma Resume
  104. What's this symbol mean?
  105. Working from home
  106. Taking work home
  107. Alternative lucrative careers\money making activities that play to INTP strengths
  108. Lean Six Sigma: How Cutting Corners Destroys Organizations
  109. Former Boss Asks Linkedin Recommendation
  110. Will Robots Take My Job?
  111. Agona?
  112. the path forward
  113. Non-Traditional Careers/Goals
  114. Capitalism creates useless jobs?
  115. "I don't feel like it" (work)
  116. Best Laptop for College
  117. Careers for detail-oriented people
  118. Choose a creative programming language (presentation topic)
  119. Office Perks, Bennies & Letdowns
  120. How to do stuff.
  121. Best website to learn Java for free?
  122. Here's why today's headlines piss me off
  123. 3D Animation using Blender
  124. Professors : Heterodox academy
  125. Where do you market yourself?
  126. February pronunciation
  127. Performing Academic Research
  128. Human waste in unauthorized areas
  129. Recommendation letters
  130. Emails on a Saturday
  131. the attack on introverts
  132. Homeschooling
  133. Words you frequently misspell
  134. Humans Resources knowledge help
  135. Office procedures and practices
  136. Walmart hiring question
  137. becoming redundant when you get old
  138. Women, how do you dress for professional interviews?
  139. What was your favorite job?
  140. Deli
  141. Congratulations to *ME*
  142. The Worst Jobs You've Had
  143. Starting a new job at a new company
  144. Your Ideal Schedule
  145. Unions
  146. PreSchool Report Card
  147. Buying a House vs Alternatives
  148. Why do so many incompetent men become leaders?
  149. Small business owners or entrepreneurs
  150. What's your Side Hustle?
  151. INTP on resume
  152. Golden handcuffs and taking a salary cut
  153. My job made us do VR empathy training
  154. What's the best way to learn math
  155. What to say when calling after applying to a retail job?
  156. People who have worked or work at a gas station
  157. Bullshit Jobs
  158. Fear of delegating tasks as a leader
  159. How early do you go in for an interview?
  160. Quit and asked to come back advice
  161. Millennials and younger, what's your retirement
  162. Jobs you've quit without notice
  163. How the F@c# do you do it? 8 to 5 corporate jobs
  164. Homeschool Thread
  165. Language learning
  166. Leaped vs Leapt
  167. The insulting underestimation of language work