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  1. Mental Age
  2. Surveillance anxiety and is my webcam watching me?
  3. The Pearson Archetypal System
  4. for those who don't want children...
  5. Is happiness a choice?
  6. Synesthesia & Synesthetes
  7. How does one handle an autistic friend?
  8. [Article] Why Men Can't Take Compliments
  9. Auditory imagination but lack vivid visual imagination
  10. Hate.
  11. ASMR
  12. Temptation
  13. Facts about Depression
  14. Between sleep and awake
  15. Stim Helmets
  16. Live 10 years longer.
  17. Oppositional defiant disorder
  18. Clarify "Commitment"
  19. ADHD
  20. Interesting Psychology/Sociology Articles
  21. Values and Reason
  22. Geek Social Fallacies
  23. Being Human
  24. John Elder Robinson, successful ass berger
  25. Antidepressants
  26. Society and Very Short People
  27. Aversion to emotions
  28. Racial Fetishes
  29. The levels of dependency
  30. Women in Philosophy
  31. Linguistic Exercise
  32. Why do we look at images of death and destruction?
  33. Road rage
  34. did you have narcissistic parents?
  35. Ignorance is bliss?
  36. Status, hierarchies, cliques, competing, judging the worth of others
  37. Regression.
  38. Anti-Authoritarian Personality
  39. What is "white"?
  40. Credibility and relativity
  41. If you could get your memory cleared, would you?
  42. Reading Jung
  43. The End of History Illusion
  44. How do you calm down?
  45. How do you identify yourself, and to what extent is it real?
  46. Do you wish you were smarter? Honestly.
  47. Writing characters of marginalized groups
  48. Dove Campaign for Real Beauty
  49. low self-esteem... other people
  50. What was the first article of clothing invented?
  51. Do you accept the statement "I feel tired"?
  52. Why is death so difficult?
  53. Tony Robbins and other life coaches....
  54. Calling people by their name
  55. Does American culture think rage is strength?
  56. Are you bothered by living alone?
  57. Does self acceptance promote complacency thereby stiffling further accomplishment?
  58. Feminism VS Egalitarianism
  59. Night Terrors
  60. The Mother-Complex
  61. Projecting Anger and Fear
  62. It's hard to be my friend
  63. I am the brain washer or Television rules the nation
  64. Test: Inventory of Neo-Marxist Attitudes (created by Paul Coojimans)
  65. On the inevitable (not death) - Taxation or A workers lament
  66. Bipolar/ Mood Swings
  67. Eating Alone
  68. Dawkins' views on rape
  69. Parentification; did you have to be an adult very early?
  70. everyone is insane, levels of health theory
  71. Minimalism vs. Hoarding
  72. Procrastination and the Dreaded Fear of Failure?
  73. Evolutionary role of anger.
  74. Escaping the Hedonic Treadmill.
  75. Cutting People Out
  76. Where is your native vocabulary from?
  77. SOCIETY CRACKERZ - Lost Tails of Malapropism.
  78. Envy - Split from Little pockets of hot air
  79. What is your subconscious obsessed with? [online test thingy]
  80. Impostor Syndrome
  81. Should the goverment tell people what they can can can't consent to?
  82. Handling and Deciphering Eye Contact
  83. Flow
  84. Why do cute things make me sad? (Serious)
  85. When low-probability incidents happen in your life.
  86. Namesakes on the internet
  87. the power of altruism
  88. Anxiety Thread
  89. Making Babies - Why?
  90. Advice for the Suicidal
  91. Rage
  92. How people see you vs. how you see yourself
  93. Productive expressions of anxiety
  94. Johari/Nohari: Personality Awareness
  95. right...the fetish.
  96. Your concept of future
  97. the schism
  98. Being naked
  99. friendship
  100. Daydreaming problems
  101. Friendship Age
  102. On the division of humanity
  103. Limits to collective organisation
  104. Mafia games, ethics etc.
  105. People who don't feel what they think
  106. Brain Categories
  107. Your Religion
  108. Paranoia
  109. Expressing Anger
  110. A Hypothesis About Technological Addictions
  111. Habit fields
  112. On Love (from Dot's blog)
  113. I'm Offended.
  114. You won't believe this..
  115. "The Happiness Trap" and "Acceptance & Commitment Therapy"
  116. Rewilding language
  117. Meditation
  118. Nights of disquiet
  119. Help, I am like a stone.
  120. Help. Are you disinclined to accept and seek help?
  121. Reducing psychology to neuroscience
  122. Did your parents want you?
  123. You find a wallet
  124. Developing Habits
  125. How often do you think about your own mortality?
  126. Positive vs negative life situation focus
  127. What would you do if you were blinded? Deafened? Lost a limb?
  128. Worries about kids ...
  129. Should I take LSD?
  130. Beyond the Limits of Rationality
  131. Christianity, Scientology, & Psychotherapy
  132. Let's talk about feelings.
  133. Cannibalism Meets Human Extinction
  134. So what will happen when society collapses?
  135. les personnes qui ont deja vu et jamais vu (jungian cognitive functions during dreams
  136. Friends
  137. How logical are you? (Survey)
  138. Stress
  139. Fear of imperfection and self-underestimation
  140. Hypnagogia and hypnopompia
  141. The dread of talking about feelings
  142. Managing energy
  143. Have you ever seen a corpse?
  144. Slavoj Žižek: Political Correctness is a More Dangerous Form of Totalitarianism
  145. Extending social view
  146. INTPs prone to low self-esteem
  147. What difference has gender made for you?
  148. Camera Lucida
  149. Diagnose this
  150. What are some well known methods for organization?
  151. Getting out of a rut
  152. The lies you tell yourself
  153. Ideas that are inaccessible to you
  154. Belonging
  155. Recommended Daily Allowance of Violence
  156. Guilt
  157. Children and "Heavy" Topics
  158. Bullies have the highest self esteem and status, lowest depression
  159. Which person would you choose?
  160. Depression, Suicidal Ideation, Manipulation
  161. Feeling overwhelmed by small tasks
  162. Loneliness
  163. Deserving
  164. Watson Personality Insights
  165. Embarassed to play tennis infront of the crowd
  166. The time is now 2:44 AM
  167. Conformity - The good, the bad, and the ugly.
  168. How to Deal with People You Like Who Drain You
  169. Microaggressions
  170. Coincidences
  171. hi-def memories
  172. What do couples actually do together? (Split from Little rants)
  173. Contemplating dreams
  174. Are you an Old Soul?
  175. Mental Illness
  176. Analysis according to Jung's methods:
  177. What you look like, according to you
  178. bad tempers
  179. Are you good at reading people emotions?
  180. What do you think about charisma?
  181. Would you still work if you didn't have to?
  182. Do you want to have kids?
  183. Siblings
  184. What stops you....
  185. Self-awareness
  186. Unequal Desires
  187. Reading people
  188. Marriage and Last Names
  189. What triggers your ugly mood?
  190. Dr Russ Harris - Acceptance & Commitment Therapy - Mindfulness
  191. The Ripple Effect
  192. Is anyone even happy?
  193. Limiting or delegating choice
  194. Escape fantasies
  195. The Guilt Button
  196. What's the Worst Thing you've ever said to anyone?
  197. What is the worst thing anyone has said TO YOU?
  198. isolation
  199. Jobs are for Machines
  200. Capacity for kindness
  201. Human, all too human
  202. Types most likely to be sociopaths/psychopaths
  203. Magic, or: the Wish Fulfillment Mechanism
  204. Homosexuality and Tribal Evolution
  205. Do you believe in soulmates?
  206. Do you love yourself?
  207. What are you more afraid of?
  208. Who do you talk to
  209. Telepathy as a form of extreme low latent inhibition
  210. Admit your addiction/brainwashing
  211. Wasteful habits you recommend
  212. Authenticity
  213. The role of false memories
  214. false positives?
  215. Your social group(s)
  216. Manipulation Identifying Responding and Using
  217. Why Hitler is Horrifying
  218. INTPs and Nostalgia: Why am I letting his past haunt our relationship?
  219. The ascetic lifestyle
  220. Somebody else
  221. The Disease Myth
  222. If you had the choice to have never been born
  223. Spotting a liar
  224. learning as we get older
  225. How to induce depression
  226. How to attain happiness
  227. Environmental abidance
  228. Hormesis Training to induce Self-overbecoming
  229. Recurring Dream Themes
  230. Married men who don't wear wedding rings
  231. My neighborhood is full of child rapists
  232. Setting and achieving goals
  233. Liberace.
  234. How not to give in, even if it's you vs. 10+ people
  235. Using dissociation to your advantage
  236. "Trans-racial"
  237. Why are you interested in personality tests?
  238. Dr. Demartini
  239. What is your highest values?
  240. Retribution vs doing nothing\forgiveness?
  241. Free will: The new religion?
  242. Tolerations
  243. Punching Yourself
  244. Misophonia
  245. Radical Candour
  246. apply magic sauce
  247. Are Millennials 'Self-Serving'?
  248. Manspreading - To squeeze or not to squeeze?
  249. Say Bloody Mary Three Times..
  250. Personas/Masks vs. Inner Self