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  1. So like god and free will and stuff
  2. Animal Consciousness
  3. Problems of philosophy, or language puzzles?
  4. Post Your Favorite Thought Experiment
  5. What you wish the afterlife would be like
  6. Positivism. W3
  7. Ever had a lucid dream? Do you have them regularly?
  8. Is life "too short"?
  9. Post Your Religious Deconversion Stories
  10. The Occult/Fantastical Beings/Etc.
  11. Post Realizations From Your Personal Spiritual Journey
  12. Mental illness is just demon possession?
  13. Beauty makes me cry
  14. Should
  15. Christianity IS pure insanity
  16. On Spirituality
  17. Ship of Theseus paradox
  18. Fixing Philosophy
  19. Are you doing anything for Lent?
  20. Deconstruction, Wtf?
  21. Do the ends justify the means?
  22. Is There a "Good" and "Bad"?
  23. Is Time Linear?
  24. FIXED: Nietzche
  25. A critical look at Transcendental perspectivism
  26. Transcendental argument for the existence of God - and its anthropomorphisation
  27. Philosophy vs. Religion
  28. interpreting dreams
  29. Ever prayed really hard for God to reveal himself?
  30. Would you join Satan and 1/3 of the angels?
  31. Why Do You Think Abrahamic Religions Exists?
  32. If you had to choose a (or a different) religion to believe in, what would it be?
  33. Under-represented areas of philosophy
  34. Best and worst experiences with religion
  35. Is life special?
  36. The necessity of fear
  37. objective reality?
  38. Judas
  39. Artificial Intelligence (aka AI)
  40. the illusion of ownership
  41. Provocation and Morality
  42. "The Glory of the Punishment" (Lake of Fire)
  43. Legal-Philosophical Question:
  44. Your preferred moral system?
  45. Matrix/Christianity type video "Power Corrupts"
  46. Karma
  47. The Left-Hand and Right-Hand Path
  48. Moving Closer to Singularity
  49. If every action had a random response...
  50. Ethical Dilemmas
  51. Playing hide and seek with "the Light" (Kabbalah)
  52. Philosophy of mathematics.
  53. Intimacy Issues
  54. Myth Swapping
  55. 2015 Religious Odyssey
  56. Does Religion Poison Everything?
  57. An afterlife?
  58. Your Thoughts/Wishes About Magic
  59. not in my name, atheist edition
  60. Existentialism clip from The Rebel
  61. Objectivism vs Perspectivism
  62. Modal Realism
  63. Morality
  64. Insanity
  65. Radical freedom
  66. Striking Quotes.
  67. If civilization collapsed in your lifetime
  68. The philosophy of holes
  69. Therefore: Love (A Christian Proof)
  70. Define Beauty
  71. What do you love (if anything)?
  72. Who wants to live forever?
  73. Is it un-INTP to Believe in Soul Mates or Twin Flames
  74. Conceptus
  75. Seneca the Younger, on Ashma
  76. Cyranoids
  77. Inter-religious dialogue/ a more encompassing ethic
  78. Who were you in your past lives?
  79. Is the world worth saving?
  80. Science Saved My Soul
  81. Thoughts on Life, the Universe, and Consciousness - The Ghost in the Machine
  82. The value in believing you aren't the only one who exists
  83. Religiosities effect on Altruism
  84. "Do as I say, not as I do" WTF?!
  85. Should be
  86. Moral call of duty to public service?
  87. JohnClay might become a Christian in real life
  88. Are there any Christians here?
  89. The Sacrificial Thread
  90. Hunting
  91. The Dead
  92. decision and the feels
  93. Jesus as a lamb and shepherd?
  94. Happy friendly Jesus in the movie "Risen"
  95. Metaphysics: Reality
  96. Your Legacy
  97. In such seconds of decision entire futures are made
  98. Why does anything exist?
  99. Where I end and you begin.
  100. Ideal Life Course For Working Mothers
  101. "the whole creation has been groaning"
  102. A Philosophy Joke
  103. the faith of nimrod (as it relates to christianity)
  104. Telling someone to go to hell
  105. Attempts to create a perfect life
  106. Do You Hurt Like I Hurt (A Thread About Slapping and What Constitutes Abuse)
  107. Introversion, experience...getting more out of it
  108. The Categorial Imperative, but applied temporally and subjectively (more agreeable?)
  109. If super-intelligent aliens want to eat humans, are they wrong?
  110. Population control: Lesser of evils
  111. Morality is practicality
  112. Overconsumption
  113. Would you teleport yourself?
  114. Can physical laws emerge from true randomness?
  115. Is happiness the most important thing?
  116. Make a Choice
  117. The Third Best Thing Ever
  118. Random musings on the void.
  119. Random musings on Determinism.
  120. America didn't work
  121. Creep Shots, Privacy, Voyeurism & Art
  122. Hypothetical situation: A large asteroid is on a collision course with Earth...
  123. Atheist Ministers
  124. What is a Human Right?
  125. Is an ad hominem a legitimate argument?
  126. From Man to Divinity
  127. Fixing Christianity
  128. Radical-ism
  129. Selected quotes from the books of the world religions.
  130. The role of muslim Believers in the world
  131. The great flood Noahs Ark - Christianity vs Islam
  132. Learn Islam from a Non Muslim Female scholar (Christian)
  133. A guide to life
  134. My irreverent Bible game and "The Brick Testament"
  135. Eternal hell and door-knocking Mormons and JWs
  136. Polygamy in the Bible
  137. Objective Morality and God
  138. Why people believed in Jesus's resurrection?
  139. What Killed Joe Fisher?
  140. Endless discussion is about what is what who is who, never reaching full circle.
  141. Supernatural Beliefs
  142. Dialogues of slush puppie
  143. The Tarot Thread
  144. Christian Apologetics
  145. Do You Respect LordLatch?
  146. Christian says foetuses are going to hell forever
  147. Transcendental Meditation
  148. Meaning of tattoo
  149. Without fear, can a person be moral?
  150. Your favourite parables
  151. Your Hierarchy of Needs
  152. What rituals do you have?
  153. nudity and the Bible
  154. Paradise engineering, aka The Hedonistic Imperative
  155. Intuition as the Ghost in the Machine
  156. Free will is active attention - an argument for compatibilism
  157. Outdoor videos that get you STOKED.
  158. Using Ockham's Razor on the Hairy Beard that is Existence
  159. Scientific concepts and their spiritual parallels
  160. Enlightenment in one sentence so brief it's almost an insult
  161. Kantian Philosophy & Modern Science
  162. Does Anyone Use Kialo?
  163. Do you have faith?
  164. The Feminization of Society
  165. Delivery counts for something
  166. How would you move Mount Fuji?
  167. Transcendence
  168. This is a very pleasant pineapple
  169. The Masculinization of Society
  170. Is the behemoth a dinosaur?
  171. David Goggins
  172. Kosher is inhumane
  173. On abortion
  174. free will
  175. Angels and "Highway to Heaven"
  176. Is Fitz evil?
  177. Have you heard that awful common saying?
  178. People are Sheep and Need a Herd to Feel Safe
  179. Hearing songs with seemingly supernatural significance
  180. Is truth relative?
  181. At Peace
  182. This video changed my life, I hope it will change yours too
  183. Life Pain
  184. Little Nuggets of Wisdom You've Heard Lately
  185. Favorite Tarot Decks and Related Discussion
  186. Do you ever feel like the people around you aren't alive?
  187. After Death
  188. What if Jesus Christ:
  189. Unethical Scientific Knowledge?
  190. Heaven and marriage/sex and polygamy
  191. Do you have friends?
  192. Dr Martin Luther King Jr is a heretic!
  193. The Prophet Muhammed and Greek Plato
  194. Help! Am I Wahhabi?
  195. Coming out as an atheist
  196. Hypocrisy
  197. Which Line of "Time" are you on.
  198. Weak men and women
  199. What is philosophy?
  200. Killer Ideas
  201. What is freedom?
  202. Are mans' creations inherently evil?
  203. Who is religion good for?
  204. On Societies versus the Individual.
  205. Connect 4 and the meaning of life (42)
  206. The book of Mormon - part 3 of the Bible?
  207. Retrocasual block universe and intelligent forces
  208. Current spiritual musings
  209. Are we living in a "simulation"?
  210. Member Psychedelic/Psychotic/Paranormal Experiences
  211. Post your recent dreams, nightmares, etc.
  212. "Line numbers" finding a number for any 2D line based symbol
  213. Ideas and thoughts that have blown your mind or challenged your current worldview...
  214. I need help with my website
  215. Happiness?
  216. Twin Flames
  217. How much do you fear death?
  218. "The Bible Test" - is it just a test of your character?
  219. Simulations/matrix and the speed of light?
  220. Is life a pointless exercise?
  221. Looking for an explanation to a miracle.
  222. Does your very existence perpetuate inequality, and is it selfish to do so?
  223. Mistaken identity regarding Jesus sightings