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  2. The math thread
  3. Oculus Rift SDK + headset - should I get one?
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  5. Could someone please help me get my rocks off?
  6. First Contact: How Would You Prepare to Meet Aliens?
  7. CES 14 - Anything catching your eye?
  8. Astronomy, AstroPhysics & You
  9. 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + ... = -1/12
  10. I'm learning to program so that I can think better
  11. MP3 player or new phone
  12. Let's invent some new math!!!
  13. I bought a smartphone.
  14. What's the next big social thing after Facebook?
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  16. Water on Ceres:
  17. The Cool Robot Thread
  18. Nootropics
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  20. Physical limitations of electric cables
  21. Kuranes' Technology Thread
  22. GNU Emacs for Windows: Getting Monopoly$oft WinBlows to suck less by PLAYING
  23. Fortean Science Thread -- Bigfoot, UFOs & Strange Phenomena
  24. Quantum Whatnot
  25. Cryptocurrency tips
  26. Mechanical Turk
  27. Calibrating a LED TV from a Blu-Ray disc.
  28. Home Experiment -- Seedlings
  29. Influential who's and what's in Biology
  30. Best laptop for study purposes
  31. Google Glass
  32. humility from science
  33. Blue Screen of Death
  34. Horizon Club v.Γ
  35. Astronomy!
  36. The Future of Cryptographic Currencies
  37. Where to start with mathematical logic?
  38. Let's build Versailles!
  39. I'm done with linux for a while.
  40. Learning Java
  41. Global Warming and Politics ~~News & Views~~
  42. Venus is Venus & Mars is Mars and never the Orbits shall meet. The Sex Gap
  43. Living near a cell tower
  44. The nature of time
  45. Monitor repair
  46. Global Warming Real?
  47. Amateur Music Production Thread
  48. A storm's a-brewing
  49. Unconditional Quantum Teleportation “Spooky action at a distance.” ~A. Einstein
  50. Homemade Arduino-powered lucid dreaming goggles!
  51. Russian Chatbot Passes Turing Test
  52. I need a better backup solution
  53. Do Philosophy and Science Agree on the Non-Existence of the Self?
  54. Ice Age Floods
  55. The age old debate of time travel
  56. We are made of stars (yeah right!)
  57. Hummingboard, a more powerful Pi-sized SBC
  58. Group Study: Special Relativity
  59. The Massive Post-Apocalypse Tome for Technologies Reboot
  60. He3: The New Spice?
  61. Pluto!
  62. What's the best smartphone these days?
  63. Insurance Collective.
  64. Favorite phone game app
  65. The Mystery Ship X-37B ~ wtf is up with that?
  66. I have a brand new mini ebook reader that is pretty horrible.
  67. Nanotech in music: quantum distortion pedal!
  68. Lunch on intel corp for Pentium 4 performance figure heist
  69. Quantum physics theory - Many Interacting Worlds
  70. data science for babies- a support group
  71. Astrophysics 160 (Yale Courses)
  72. Einsteins General Theory of Relativity (Stanford Lectures)
  73. Echoes of the Browser Wars
  74. Please help me. I dont know how to fix my pc.
  75. Book Blog: Secrets Of The JavaScript Ninja
  76. The Uncanny Valley
  77. System of economics that works
  78. Ruby and Rails
  79. Microsoft HoloLens
  80. Git and Github
  81. Peer review
  82. Technological Evolution
  83. Augmenting Group Intelligence
  84. Why Ancient Myths about Volcanos are often true.
  85. Computer Builds
  86. Math theory of area calculation
  87. How wide is a line?
  88. Head/Body Transplant
  90. Transhumanism - The Future of Mankind?
  91. A Little Help
  92. Is the Universe Holographic?
  93. Random math, science, and tech knowledge that doesn't deserve its own thread
  94. Random wildlife and plants you have spotted
  95. HELP: Creating a website
  96. Schematic porn
  97. Aviator browser
  98. Help Math Whizzes
  99. Show me your Bees!
  100. HALP! (Natural Language Processing)
  101. The trajectory of a software engineer… and where it all goes wrong.
  102. Chickens: the best image stabilizers
  103. Can a machine be racist?
  104. Technical support thread
  105. Stephen Hawking answering questions on Reddit
  106. Alternative medicine/therapies
  107. Windows 10 ... do you have your update, and if so, what do you think?
  108. Poll: Windows 10 install or not?
  109. Giving up AC power
  110. Ad Blocker "Ethics"
  111. Your typical music sources, players, formats, equipment, etc?
  112. Need help with computer build
  113. Domestic Automation
  114. What if: the universe is a computer simulation
  115. Romance Linguist, seeking help crack a real da Vinci code.
  116. Fully autonomous drones and the end of the world as we know it
  117. Waxing Nostalgic about Childhood Connections to Old Technology
  118. Systemic Altruism and the Ecologically Driven Evolutionary Model
  119. JavaScripting
  120. NASA's MAVEN team is tight-lipped about a hyped press conference set for 2pm EST 11/5
  121. Clever, but how can you test it?
  122. Problem: Accessing the data on an Android phone
  123. Green Technologies News
  124. Favorite Star
  125. The AI Apocalypse Thread
  126. Future Timelines for Humanity
  127. Who wants to write a physics book with me? [introductory level]
  128. Adblock
  129. Getting through Godel Escher Bach
  130. How do you watch TV?
  131. fantasy smartphone
  132. Haswell vs Skylake, i5 vs i7 for home lab / gaming rig
  133. Einstein's gravitational waves found at last
  134. The Marshmallow Thread
  135. Language translating cat collar
  136. Dashes vs. underscores in file names
  137. A Post-Facebook Virtual World
  138. The Non-Gaming Uses for VR
  139. This computer owned by an idiot
  140. What the fuck is wrong with Windows 10?
  141. Kardashev Scale
  142. How will the Trump presidency affect the global scientific community?
  143. Creation "science" says the world is about 6000 years old
  144. Most useless products
  145. I found an article on neurocircuitry dysfunctions and ADHD. Would someone unpack it?
  146. Functional Programming
  147. Technology 2080
  148. Digital Privacy
  150. Post your best amazing Earth videos.
  151. App reviews
  152. Anyone have keystone jacks in their home?
  153. Mensa International.
  154. 3 reasons why the ear is the best body part
  155. Lightning bugs!
  156. Snakes - What... the... fuck.
  157. Mind-Altering Fields of Study.
  158. If a tree falls in a forest...
  159. Facebook 'bots' invented a new language
  160. Engineering.
  161. We need more VR threads
  162. The VR Development Landscape
  163. Crows and Ravens - Split from the Welcome Section.
  164. KNex vs Legos
  165. Wikipedia Articles You Wish You Hadn't Read.
  166. AI: Superintelligence - paths, dangers and strategies
  167. Tales From the Help Desk!
  168. The Poo Thread
  169. Human Driven Work Robots
  170. awesome nature videos
  171. You call yourself a nerd?
  172. Quantum Gravity Research E8, golden ratio, etc
  173. Novice math person tries to math.
  174. iphone 7 vs samsung whatever
  175. Becoming a Multi-Planetary Species
  176. Optics assisted rendering
  177. Incredible Technology
  178. Tau vs Pi
  179. Post A Random Mathematics Documentary.
  180. Document-specific print settings
  181. Digital Fabrication
  182. Cheapest multifunction injet to maintain?
  183. Educational Apps You'd Recommend
  184. What's the latest on climate change
  185. Can someone recommend a good ebook management software?
  186. Do black people metabolize codeine differently
  187. Desktop PC upgrades
  188. the (supposedly) big bang
  189. Will you be buying one of the new iPhones this year?
  190. Dreams and neural network based simulations
  191. Anyone watching the meteor shower?
  192. Your Relationship and Perception of Programming
  193. eBay, taxes and ... death?
  194. Electronics (solder, resistors...) fanatics?
  195. Why do we live in a regular world? (technical question)
  196. Base 6 is the base of the matrix
  197. Android Pie
  198. Smart speakers, virtual assistants (etc.)
  199. Colours in the rainbow, etc
  200. Sex as a spectrum
  201. Is Apple really that bad?
  202. Need Laptop Rec
  203. What?: "to believe" vs "to know"
  204. Driver Assist Crap in Modern Cars
  205. Obsolete Technology That You Miss
  206. Large tennis player advantage
  207. Tesla Cybertruck
  208. "NFC Carding," similar to using card-skimmers, but for Apple/Google Pay
  209. Motorola RAZR Returns
  210. OK, Now I need a monitor
  211. Free Energy and Historical and Future Wars fought over Energy
  212. What is Your Internet Connection Speed?
  213. Collision detection with line?
  214. One pixel AI attacks, etc
  215. Help with mental division
  216. Google Lens - Identify Local Plant Species, Fungus, and Insects
  217. Examples of Good Engineering