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11-08-2016, 01:16 AM
Flushed skin. Digging nails into hands. Teeth clenching. Mild, spontaneous Tourette's.

Even the Food Babe knows the truth about Gluten.

Common pitfall of the gluten-free diet: Gaining Weight

You may not realize that a gluten-free diet is not designed to help you lose weight. Itís a specific diet for people who either have celiac disease, gluten sensitivity or an allergy. When people with celiac disease start a gluten-free diet, their digestion greatly improves over time and itís common for them to gain some weight. This is healthy for them, and means that they are healing. So, itís considered normal for some people to gain weight on a gluten-free diet. Another reason some people gain weight (or too much weight) on a gluten-free diet is because they arenít choosing the right kinds of foods and this is what this post is about.


Do you have an irrational "gluten-free" soul in your life? Does this person always demand special gluten-free meals at restaurants? Do they do it to prevent "inflammation," or some other bullshit reason?

This person may also preach about how we haven't eaten wheat until recently, quote from Grain Brain, or eat a "Paleo" (read Farmer's) Diet.

My FL brother just thinks it's bad for you. No real reason.

My best friend thinks she may have Celiac Disease. She has Hashimoto's, another autoimmune disorder, so maybe she's right.

This video always makes me laugh. I'm easy like that.


11-08-2016, 05:56 AM
Back when my nearly 4 year old son was nearly 2 years old, he had a lot of bum rashes and inflammation. We took him to the doc who just kept prescribing hydrocortisone, until he eventually agreed to do some blood tests. He tested our boy for Celiac's and it came back negative...I think he did some other blood tests, too, but all came back negative for allergies/intolerances.
His issues were bad...to the point where his foreskin actually swelled so tight that he couldn't pee properly...and the doc recommended having him circumcised.

My wife, being a super-protective Momma at her wit's end as to how to deal with his issues took him to see a naturopath who did some blood work...IgG testing, which most medical doctors just scoff at, because it doesn't really tell you anything concrete, according to the scientific literature.

Anyhow, the ND results came back that he was sensitive(not allergic) to Wheat(not gluten), Eggs, Dairy and Cane Sugar...and I was like, "damn, well I guess he's going to die a slow and uncomfortable death from the food we eat, because it'll be impossible to eliminate all of those from our diet for 3 months (as per the ND's recommendation)". Buuut, my wife is persistent and determined...so we did it...and it totally cleared up the issues he was having...his bum was clear, it didn't put him in pain to poop, and his pee flowed freely and comfortably....AND as a side bonus, it improved my digestion and BMs tremendously...like to the best and most consistent they'd been in well over a decade.

After the 3 months of eating a diet basically void of those 4 items, I was hungry. So we started re-introducing those things back into our diets...and, sure enough, if we gave him wheat a couple times in a day, or eggs once a day, or a high amount of cane sugar or dairy, his symptoms would flare right back up again. Eventually we struck a sort of balance where we consume about 20% of the wheat, eggs, dairy and cane sugar that we did previous to all of this, and all is well (well, not really, I just got officially diagnosed with Crohn's disease last week...but all is well with my boy's digestion).
I've since been tested for Celiac's disease and it came back negative. Doc did say that false negatives are not uncommon though.

I hate to go forward on the basis of a blood test that's mostly considered quackery by mainstream science...but it made a pretty big difference for us over the past few years.

Having developed Crohn's disease, I've come across a ton of anti-wheat/anti-gluten propaganda, which invariably ends up blaming Monsanto and glyphosate for all the peculiar autoimmune conditions that seem to be arising at an accelerating pace of late. I've got a lot of cognitive dissonance about all of it...between the improved experience that I had when I cut out wheat, following a quack blood test for my kid, and how after having vastly improved digestion and eating habits for about 2 years, I got hit hard by an autoimmune disease...I just don't know what to think.
Full disclosure, my mom and bro also have autoimmune diseases...so there's probably a genetic component...though neither of them saw any improvement when they cut out wheat.

I have a few friends with formally diagnosed Celiac's (one guy with a perma-sad face ever since, because his favourite thing in life is beer), and a few self-diagnosed folks.
I've seen research suggesting that there's a second protein in wheat that may also be a culprit, and other things blaming a zoonotic variant of Johne's disease(MAP infection) and other types of infections that are extremely tough to test for in humans as leading causes of autoimmune responses. The general state of our micro-biome coupled with over consumption of sugar (leading to candida overgrowth) has also been blamed.
...unfortunately, it seems to be the case that no single factor is to blame...most likely a combination of them which ultimately messes up our micro-biome in some way, either causing an autoimmune response or just activating some crappy genes.