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06-13-2017, 08:20 AM
I've had a "trapped nerve" in my right trapezius for about 3 months now... It's not going away, and it's just getting progressively worse.

My cousin tried kneading it the other day, was fucking agony... It is becoming an issue, affecting mobility of the whole trapezius.

What can I do?

I figure I'll have to book myself into the quacks. What will they recommend do you think?

Also.. I've tried relaxing these muscles, but they are involuntarily contracted, and even when I was meditating on relaxing them, the tension increased intolerably.

I don't know what I done in a past life to deserve this. :think:

Light Leak
06-13-2017, 12:40 PM
A doctor would probably recommend physical therapy. If your muscles are tight all the time there's probably some sort of dysfunction so it's probably not a bad thing to go. I personally find physical therapy helpful for other issues. It's not an instant fix. Results are slow.

06-13-2017, 03:44 PM
Might this be a chiropracter thing? I went to one once for a few sessions and noticed the rate of buildup of tension in my back decreased substantially.

06-17-2017, 11:40 AM
Do yoga and/or a complete stretching routine. That's the cheap way.

You can try a massage but the former is way more effective.

Holding yoga rag doll or gorilla or standing forward bends would probably help reduce the tension in that area.

Something like this:

http://fit-pro.com/images/Lying-Hip-IR-Stretch.2199.jpg or variations thereof would probably help too.

Also, grab like railing or bar and just pull your hips back. Or just hang on a pull up bar with as much weight as you can hold.

06-17-2017, 05:52 PM
I know someone who swears by Tai Chi to relieve pinched nerves. She looked up some online videos.

06-17-2017, 06:15 PM
Since posting this I've developed another in the left shoulder.. I've already taken up basic yoga, and I do a fair decent core workout.

I figured it might be some physio referral, but I suppose I was hoping for some unbeknownst home remedy... I super, duper suck at meeting and maintaining medical/health appointments..

But I can't go on like this, I'll try anything.

Will need to book that appointment.. she says.

I'll see what the the GP refers, and then depending on how that goes book in some private alternatives.