INTP Complex Rules

Although the staff of INTPcomplex will attempt to keep all truly objectionable material off this site, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author; the owners of INTPcomplex will not be held responsible for the content of any message.

Conduct Guidelines

As Free As Speech Can Get Without Trouble

  • feel free to speak and express yourself freely; there will be no censorship of ideas expressed, no matter how disagreeable or offensive
  • that said, there are forms of "frowned upon" and even "forbidden" (that is, is some way disruptive) activity that will entail Remediation
  • for instance, any illegal or pornographic content posted will be taken down by the staff, and result in swift Remediation

We Value Open Debate

  • You are not free from being disagreed with here. Rather, freedom of speech (within the rules) shall prevail.
  • The staff will not entertain any complaint or call to action based only on that you disagree with or dislike someone.

Banning and Warning

  • Violation of any rule can and likely will result in a swift temp-ban proportionate to the offense and offender's history.
  • Warnings may be issued rather than a temp-ban under some circumstances; take them seriously.
  • Continued or particularly egregious violations of the rules can and likely will result in being permanently banned.

No Flaming, Trolling, Harassment, Hacking or Doxing

  • flaming is "frowned upon"
  • trolling is "frowned upon"
  • cyberbullying or harassment otherwise is strictly "forbidden"
  • hacking (a user, this site, or any part thereof) is strictly "forbidden"
  • doxing is strictly "forbidden"

No Excessive Fluff

No Spamming

No Pornography, Limited Adult Content

No Illegal Content or Conduct

  • posting illegal content, or that involved with conducting illegal affairs, is strictly "forbidden"
  • examples of "illegal" content include: warez and/or software piracy links, etc
  • ultimately it is left to the discretion of the staff to determine what fits in this category, with respect to protecting the site and its members from litigation

No Mass Editing or Deleting

  • attempted mass editing or deleting of your threads and/or posts is "forbidden"
  • if you want a particular thread or post of yours deleted for good-faith reasons, contact the staff and make a request with an accompanying explanation; the staff is under no obligation to accommodate, and may otherwise react/reply per their discretion with respect to preserving overall forum integrity
  • under no circumstance will the staff accommodate requests to, for instance, delete all of your posts and/or threads (such as to "delete" your history here); what you post here remains here after you're gone

Private Messaging Must Remain Private

  • the content of PMs (private messages) are to remain in PMs; posting such content elsewhere is strictly "forbidden"
  • limited exceptions can be accommodated per staff discretion in conjunction with the mutual consent of the PMing parties
  • specific exception is made to members meaning to alert the staff of offensive/disruptive PMs they've received, in which case they may "report" or forward the original, offending PM to the staff for review
  • and, no, the staff cannot and will not attempt to read or otherwise access your PMs

Private Group Messages Must Remain Private

  • "Private" in the sense of groups means: in groups configured with "Users must join to view the content"
  • as with PMs, private group messages must remain private to the group; posting such content beyond the group is "forbidden"
  • limited exceptions can be accomodated per staff or group-owner(s) discretion
  • specific exception applies to the case of "reporting" a problematic group message
  • Note: unlike PMs, the staff can and will survey the content of even "private" groups if/as they see fit, as invited or otherwise

No Multiple Accounts, Sock Puppets or Account Sharing

  • one person, one account (no sock puppets, etc); multiple accounts per person are "forbidden"
  • do not share accounts; account sharing is "forbidden"
  • limited exceptions may be accommodated per staff discretion

Chat Guidelines

  • Note: all applicable conduct guidelines herein apply to the chat system, as well.
  • particularly, private chat messages should remain private, where "private" here refers to any non-public chat room or 1:1 chat, with similiar exceptions for "reporting" posts, etc, as with PMs and private group messages.

IRC Rules

  • The IRC hosted here has its own independent rules
  • See: IRC

Note: The staff reserves the right to remove, edit, move or close any content item for any reason.

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