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Why anyone would deliberately look for a Sensor is beyond me, especially an SF. I'm sure there's particular ones worth chasing but as far as I can tell they're exceptions to the rule

They hate any/all weirdnesses.. unless someone else in the room also happens to think it's cool, in which case the SPs will quite happily take 5 seconds or so to enthusiastically pretend that they think it's cool too.
[SJs will either be visibly shocked or just continue on sub-tactfully sneering]

..IME they're all over us. We're like some crazy ESFP-only version of catnip lol.

I find them the most likely to be obnoxious of all of the MBTI types too though (ha ha)

xSFJ -creationism, obsession, moralistic imperatives, bigotry, racism, Hitler
xSFP -magic, illuminati, alien abduction, arguing that the moon landing was faked, emo poetry, hipsterism

SFs can have some of the ugliest problems with insecurity you're ever likely to see.
The Extroverts just hide it from themselves better and/or use it as an excuse to feel quite okay about lashing out at anyone who's unlucky enough to be in the kill-zone at the time.
Well, in the case of the two ISFJs I mentioned both of them had fairly well developed intuitive abilities (where the above average intelligence comes in) they weren't inclined to use it in their day to day lives, but I got along with them because they would be able to access their Ne more effortlessly than the average ISFJ (I think that's why anyway).

Although they'd on occasion get caught up on some stuff I never would, I think the upbringing both of them had caused them to be really open minded about people more than the average SJ. Their "unbendable rules" were a bit more general. Neither of them were religious, but they both felt it was important to treat all other people as they'd want to be treated.

Like I said, I'm advocating giving *smart* ISFJs a chance.

I could imagine it might be intense to have one as a mom, regardless of intelligence. My mom is ESTJ, and good lord we clash about following rules all the time. I love my momma though, and have grown to appreciate her perspective on things more than ever. She's a psychologist so she's really open to deep conversations about the way to go about _______ situation. It's really interesting.

As far as the ESFPs go, it could have something to do with the context in which I meet them. Most of the one's I've met are usually around other SPs so by comparison my NT-ness is just.... boring to them with all the other stimulation around. Of course I'm generalizing.