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Thread: Surveillance anxiety and is my webcam watching me?

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    I've always been fascinated by my father's stories of the surveillance he grew up with in Soviet-era Poland. His home was bugged, and he said that everyone either knew or suspected that their homes were bugged. At school, kids were encouraged to let teachers know everything about their parents and their political beliefs. On the same day that my grandfather was arrested for political dissidence (he was outside gardening when cops arrived, beat him, and took him away), my father was expelled from school and he and my grandmother were kicked out of their house, as if the whole thing had been perfectly and punctually coordinated by some invisible machine.

    I thought he was ridiculously paranoid about the internet-- refusing to use google and downloading elaborate security software-- but maybe he just knows better because he's been through all this before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Mexico View Post
    The interesting thing there, though, is that I think the Stasi, like the Gestapo, actually relied more on witnesses than on mechanical surveillance. I'm less familiar with how this played out in the DDR, but I know with the Nazis the truly disturbing thing was the opening of archives that showed a majority of Gestapo arrests were based on testimony from people who knew the target. It's legitimately challenging to actually sift through the reams of data you get if you just try to collect everything about everyone, but if you can create an atmosphere where people are afraid of each other and basically doing your active surveillance for you (or at least the "flagging" part of it), that presents a somewhat more palpable capability of not letting anyone ever be truly free from your net.
    It was the same with the NKVD in Stalin's Russia. Despite the general notion about these things, human nature doesn't really change in totalitarian circumstances, it just gets new opportunities to emphasise certain elements of itself. So typically most of the witness arrests had less to do with the ideological commitment of the individual in question than they did personal vindictiveness, attempts to climb the greasy pole, hopes for favours back and most of all simply crushing people you don't like or didn't fit in very well to your social group. All of these behaviours are just what you typically see now, except in capitalist economies the best way to hurt someone is to exclude them economically or ostracise them from civil society - so that's where most of the revenge ends up taking place.
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