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Thread: MBTI type of your family's dynamic

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    MBTI type of your family's dynamic

    Not the MBTI type of each of the individuals of the family, but the family as a whole, or as a unit - or your family environment growing up.

    My own:

    Dysfunctional I
    Dysfunctional N
    I'm at a complete loss in the T/F spectrum, so I'll pick D for Dysfunctional
    Dysfunctional P

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    I would say INTX with the X being represented by my brother and I being Js to P parents (bloody hippies!)
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    S - At least more S than N
    X - I have no clue on T vs. F
    P - My family is useless at making plans. Everyone likes to wait for someone else to make the plans. It's almost like a game of who can hold out the longest before breaking and throwing a plan idea out there so everyone can criticize it.

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    E: 3/5
    X: 2/5 plus one
    F: 3/5
    J: 3/5

    IXTP: Me
    ISTJ: Brother
    ENFJ: Mom
    ESFJ: Father
    ENFP: Sister

    Makes sense considering I have a ESFJ father and an ENFJ mother.

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    My family today (spouse and 2 kids) would be defined by a giant "I" standing in solidarity to the people while "P" and "J" mud wrestle in the street.

    My family growing up would be defined by an I, E, S, N, T, F, J and P all fighting a world war with double agents and defections occurring on a weekly basis.
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