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Thread: Who should play Complex members in a movie about their life?

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    It's the player character.
    Some days you're the bug; some days you're the feature.

    --Meditations on Uncertainty Vol ξ(x)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anon View Post
    Danny Trejo as Delilah

    No way.
    cute as a bug

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robcore View Post
    My intuitive casting:
    Demian Lewis as @stigmatica w/ Dwayne Johnson as understudy
    Demian is pretty damned cool in the Brothers series, but Dwayne is who my wife always compares me to. So, probably a good guess if you knew me well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sistamatic View Post
    Kirstie Alley is my mother's age and wears more make up to breakfast than I've worn in my entire life, plus, though it is fun to try, I have trouble imagining her playing any of the work roles I've played in my life. Firefighter, Plumber, Biology Professor, herpetologist ... though she might could pull off novelist. Also, cosmetic surgery is antithetical to my personality and I don't know if you could make her look as if she hasn't had any.
    Zoe Bell could totally play me, and you wouldn't even need a stunt double for the drinking scenes.

    @stigmatica should be played by Chris Pratt. You need someone with comedic timing to pull off the stigster, but also someone who can pull off Airborne. Tom Hanks is too old to play stigs or I'd say he was perfect.

    I'm still thinking for my nephew, but I don't think I know the rest of you well enough to make a decent choice.
    LOL - On a good.. happy day. That's me at my best perhaps.

    Quote Originally Posted by Grape Jelly View Post
    @stigmatica - Dax Shepard
    This one has never come up before. Dax Shepard? I must recede and think about myself.
    Quote Originally Posted by mara View Post
    my crime is that i disrupted the echo chamber

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    When I think of @Sistamatic I picture Laurie Metcalf, if she were maybe ten years younger and worked out a lot.
    Too bad, Lady Une. You were far too lenient.
    As a soldier, yes. But as a civilian I lived an austere life.

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    Hugh Grant as @Limes

    Jay Hernandez as @Fitz

    Seth Rogen as @stuck

    Steve Carell as @stigmatica

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    Stuck - himself
    Maddy - Helena Bonham Carter

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