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Thread: Do you wish you were smarter? Honestly.

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    No tbh. I see most of these super-high IQ ppl and they're stupid as shit.

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    Maybe just a boring answer: it's not something I ever really think about because I have no control over it. There's no point to worry about it. I don't think it has any limitations really on happiness / quality of life.

    I definitely wish I was more disciplined at times. That's really the factor that holds you back. And one you can actually do something about.

    Maybe that's disingenuous. Level of intelligence will limit what you can study and comprehend. I think I'm smart enough that I could understand just about anything I wanted to, if I tried hard enough. Not saying I'm 'heaps smart', but I think my brain works well enough that I could with effort, explore whatever interests me. I guess I might feel differently if I felt limited.

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    washington... this sometimes changes withought planning...
    if i could hit a button to bring about that change, i would do so several times... not an area i feel deficent in... i think a button that increased motivation would be more useful...
    "The vanity of intelligence is that the intelligent man is often more committed to 'one-upping' his opponent than being truthful. When the idea of intelligence, rather than intelligence itself, becomes a staple, there is no wisdom in it."
    Criss Jami

    "When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion."
    "Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain but it takes character and self control to be understanding and forgiving."
    Dale Carnegie

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    I don't know what IQ means, and I don't know what is intelligence.
    But if there are many kinds of intelligence I would like to be smarter for physics and smarter emotionally.
    The only thing I feel completely secure about is my musicianship skills.
    The rest of skills are more or less things that anyone could have if they wanted.
    I'm not sure if creativity is an skill. I have seen people who are totally idiots when it comes to being unique and coming up with original things. Really.
    But I can't say they are dumber than me for that. They just didn't involve in that kind of lifestyle.
    Hard topic. I was usually average type of guy in school, not good with logic and a bit slow. I did fine in Maths, because i managed to take pictures in my head of the problems and solve them as a machine. Not because i really tried or could understand the process. That's why i hated physics, i couldn't see anything.
    I remember when I studied architecture in my class there were 20 guys. I was usually the 6 or 7 in finishing stuff we did at class. So that's not so good. And there was a huge gap between the first 3 and the rest of the class anyway. IQ must have to do with how fast you are and how good you deal with pressure / competition.
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    No. I think I'm good with the smarts department.

    I could use more grit though.

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    Yes, definitely. Not for being two spans or three above other people, but only to be able to do what interests me with more freedom and satisfaction.

    In the last period this has been hurting me way too deeply - which is also why I'm here writing this stuff down - to the point I would reconsider my life-goals and path, or whether to end it prematurely at all. My only attachment, so to speak, is intellectual discovery - of the most abstract type, as it seems - and denying it to myself is simply denying my own life.

    The joy of understanding, that which I long for. But as with love affairs going unexpectedly bad, it appears it is causing me more pain than happiness, a more deeply-seated, several year-long anguish that I was skillfully able to get myself rid off through other means only.

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