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Thread: Favourite movies

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    Favourite movies

    What are your fav movies? And why?

    I like movies that make me feel alive / human. motivates me

    1. Closer - I know nearly every line to this movie. i've watched it 50 million times and have analysed everything
    2. Inglourious Basterds - so much german. i first watched this movie when i was studying for my world war II exams
    3. Clerks II - its really nostalgic because the whole attitude reminds me of carefree times
    4. Leon the Professional - fun stuff
    5. Magnolia - wow stuff
    6. American Psycho - the compliment was sufficient louis. better than the book
    7. Fight Club - obviously
    8. TimeCrimes - best time travel movie HANDS DOWN

    also I loved all the harry potter movies and i loved the audience in the movie theatre every time i went.

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    – Almost anything that is set in the late 18th/early 19th century without being terribly cheesy, such as "Amadeus", since I love the era.
    – The Godfather: Because it reminds me of my Sicilian roots and the great home-cooking.
    – Scarecrow (1973): Probably the best road movie ever made.
    – Office Space: Good for cheap laughs.
    – Inception: One of the few fairly recent movies that isn't garbage.
    – Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead: For INTP scenes like these:

    That said, I'll watch nearly anything as long as it has Gary Oldman in it.

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    There Will Be Blood - I relate to Daniel Plainview's disdain for "people"
    Alien - Great sci-fi horror that was ahead of its time. Subtle, not gory. Great sound design as well.
    The Neverending Story - An 80's kid's movie on the surface, but it's really about existential angst and meaninglessness on a deeper level.
    Robocop (1987) - A piss-take at capitalism disguised as a movie about a cyborg cop
    Lost Highway - Fugue states are fascinating
    No Country For Old Men - A movie about an aging man who can no longer handle the nature of being a police officer disguised as a cat-and-mouse movie with gangsters. Fantastic cinematography and sound design.

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    Re-grouping at forum

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    Too many:

    -Edward Scissorhands: Was my all time favorite film at one point in my life. I'm not sure if I would still call it that today. I identified a lot with Edward when I was younger. Plus this movie made me cry the fist time I saw it which is rare for me.
    -Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind: People seem to hate this movie. I like it, but I'm really over explaining why.
    -North by Northwest / Vertigo / Notorious: Hitchcock. I can't pick a favorite from these.
    -The Breakfast Club / Ferris Bueller's Day Off: My go to films when I'm in the mood to watch something about a day where nothing really happens.
    -Lord of the Rings Trilogy: This is one that if happens to be on TV I always seem to have difficulty changing the channel. So yeah, I like it.
    -Monty Python and the Holy Grail: Because it's funny.

    I'm probably forgetting some.

    There's a couple that I've seen over the past several years that have spoken to me in some way, but I've only seen them once. I probably need to view them again before possibly considering them as favorites.

    -Synecdoche, New York
    -Upstream Color

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    Quote Originally Posted by Light Leak View Post
    -Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind: People seem to hate this movie. I like it, but I'm really over explaining why.
    People like to complain that movies have no originality at all these days, and then when a movie tries something different, they complain about pretentiousness. Probably someone wrote an essay on a blog somewhere about how unrealistic Clementine is, and that's something people kind of glommed on to. Never mind that the movie is kind of ambiguous about the whole relationship to begin with.

    In other words, people want creativity, but don't get too creative, because that's obnoxious and twee.

    There Will Be Blood
    I have to second this. First of all, I love the desert scenery and the appropriately bleak soundtrack. Second, the movie has a Kubrickian detachment that allows the viewer to bring their own thoughts and feelings to the surface about the main character, rather than telling them what to think. My attitude towards that guy seems to change every time I watch it.

    The Elephant Man
    One of those movies that affected me. I'm really only familiar with Lynch's early stuff, but that man is a genius. He's certainly a better filmmaker than Tim Burton.

    The Darjeeling Limited
    Yeah, I'm sure it orientalizes, and it's misogynistic because it includes unlikable female characters blah blah blah. I don't care about any of that. To me, everything about it is perfect: the landscapes, the photography, the use of color, the soundtrack, the montages, the flashback, the awesome train. And, more importantly, I like the storyline about trying to make peace with your family as an adult. I don't understand why people hate this movie, either.

    The Life of Brian
    The best Monty Python movie (worst would be the Meaning of Life which came off to me as an attempt to Americanize them) .... it's not even just absurdity for the sake of absurdity (which is awesome), but satire on religious and political fanaticism.

    The Fountain
    Aronofosky brazenly attempts to make a movie about the nature of life and death, and actually succeeds. It's rare when watching something that I feel like someone took a slice of my brain, stretched it out, and made it into celluloid. It also gets points for taking the scientist who refuses to accept the "natural order" of things, and making that character the hero for a change.

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    A Separation-- number 1 favorite. Non-stop suspense. I watched it in a theater the first time and the audience gasped at some parts (an unusual reaction for a non-thriller/non-action movie) because the characters were under so much pressure. Definitely one of the best written (if not the best written) movies I've seen.

    Up-- it made me cry in a nice way and feel optimistic about people.

    Lars and the Real Girl-- in a lot of ways it's not a great movie, but I really like certain aspects of it. It's non-violent. I don't mean that it just lacks blood/gore, but it doesn't punish or "force" character development-- their development happens in a natural, uplifting, and positive way (this is also part of its main appeal as a comedy, since that kind of positive, non-violent plot development is so unexpected). Maybe I didn't explain that well, but you probably know what I mean if you've seen it. It's nice to see a story that doesn't involve anyone's destruction/"triumphant" dehumanization.

    The Diving Bell and the Butterfly-- story is boring, but it has the most amazing visuals of any movie I've seen (except for The Fall, maybe, but that movie's too sentimental/tacky/false to be a favorite).

    Lost in Translation-- wonderfully atmospheric and it gets loneliness across really well. Limited dialogue, generally minimal and understated (in terms of acting, plot, writing) but I think it had a lot going on under the surface (though I don't remember what was going on, at this point).

    Another Year-- generally like Mike Leigh movies but I remember this one best. Horrible social realism movie about old people who are dying and lonely, made me miserable for days. good stuff. Excellent actors/characters-- it's rare to find movies that even try to contain "real people" and this is one of them.

    Volver-- well-told story, idk. Penelope Cruz. Lots of the color red and melodrama.

    Singin in the Rain-- childhood movie.

    Fish Tank-- sticks unwaveringly to a single character's pov, so the audience really understands/cares about her, even when you (sometimes) hate her. I also like it for political reasons (it prevents you from identifying with the character you typically would-- no "male gaze," for a start, but also a lot of other gaze-types are pointedly excluded. I'd write more but I think I've either stopped making sense or making points). More grim social realism (I guess I like that kind of thing). It's also a perfect movie in terms of editing, cinematography, writing, basically everything. #2 favorite movie after A Separation.

    The Grifters-- don't know why but it really stuck with me. good actors (Anjelica Huston, John Cusack, Annette Bening), good characters, etc. it's a good noir-ish movie.

    Tampopo-- it makes no sense:

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    Quote Originally Posted by chobani View Post
    A Separation
    Which one?
    That's my poop stirrin' stick- Don't touch it! You don't know which end is the handle..

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    Quote Originally Posted by latch View Post
    Which one?
    It's not the Separation made in 2013, if that's what you mean. It's this one:

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    Seven Samurai - blows any epic western out of the water.. unbelievable cinematography
    For A Few Dollars More - my personal favorite of the $ trilogy
    the Godfather 1 & 2 - because
    Inland Empire - Lynch overload
    Alien - beautiful and suspenseful
    Antichrist - haunting
    Repo Man (1984) - best cult movie
    The Big Lebowski - somehow, still funny
    Five Element Ninjas - a favorite of the Shaw Brothers collection but there are so many good ones
    Alphaville - French sci-fi by Godard.. nuff said
    The Yellow Sea - Korean action movies are in a category of their own. This one is well-crafted and huge.
    Nausicaa or the Castle of Cagliostro - I like the old Myazaki stuff personally

    -Synecdoche, New York

    Singing in the Rain
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