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Thread: The necessity of fear

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    The necessity of fear

    So I don't want my life to be driven by fear. I recognize though that there are some fears that if not ingrained into my life, I wouldn't have a life to live (primal fears "don't walk into that large sharp object" kind of stuff).

    To a certain extent "higher" types of fears can also be linked to something primal. For instance, the fear of rejection: it's to our benefit to be accepted into some kind of community, this way we're much more protected against outside attackers.... but life is more complex than that now.


    Where and how do we draw the line?

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    Fear isn't there to make you afraid. It's there to make you aware.

    That said, anxiety attacks are total mindfucks.
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    Most of modern fear is social in nature, and in such, generally irrational.

    "The truth is that the value we set upon the opinion of others, and our constant endeavor in respect of it, are each quite out of proportion to any result we may reasonably hope to attain(...). In all we do, almost the first thing we think about is, what will people say; and nearly half the troubles and bothers of life may be traced to our anxiety on this score (...).

    Now, it is obvious that happiness, which consists for the most part in peace of mind and contentment, would be served by nothing so much as by reducing this impulse of human nature within reasonable limits,--which would perhaps make it one fiftieth part of what it is now. (...)

    The only way of putting an end to this universal folly is to see clearly that it is a folly; and this may be done by recognizing the fact that most of the opinions in men's heads are apt to be false, perverse, erroneous and absurd, and so in themselves unworthy of attention; further, that other people's opinions can have very little real and positive influence upon us in most of the circumstances and affairs of life.

    [T]he result would be such an addition to our piece of mind and cheerfulness as at present seems inconceivable; people would present a firmer and more confident front to the world, and generally behave with less embarrassment and restraint."

    Arthur Schopenhauer.

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