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    Today is the first day of The Week of the Empath.

    At least two participating members were born in this week ... I'm not naming OTHER names, though I'm one of them.
    The freakiest thing about this system is how many of those born in my week I simply LOVED before I became aware of their birthdays.
    I'm wondering of others participating here resonate with those born in their respective personology week.


    Those born during The Week of the Empath (June 25–July 2) are capable of knowing the deepest emotions of others.
    For them this sort of cognition is not mental but comes directly through being able to feel directly what others are feeling.
    Consequently they can be quite convincing and make good salespeople.
    Contrary to what is often thought about those born in the Month of the Domesticator (June 22–July 22), they are not passive individuals at all and when roused can become quite aggressive in fact.

    Personology Of Few Well-known Faces

    Looking at the notables born during this week we find
    the visionary Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi,
    cycling legend Greg LeMond,
    journalist and novelist George Orwell,
    pilot and creator of The Little Prince: Antoine de Saint-Exupery,
    track superstar Carl Lewis
    heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson,
    troubled actress Lindsay Lohan,
    Romantic philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau,
    country singer Gretchen Wilson,
    political firebrands
    H. Ross Perot
    Emma Goldman.
    I'll add:
    Hermann Hesse;
    Helen Keller;
    2013 X Factor winner, Sam Baily
    Chris Isacc
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