so here we are, in the Gregorian labelled year of 2014. there are two equally controversial elements of the topic i want to consider, and for arguments sake i will define the possibility of time travel as true.

1) if one was to travel in time and alter events, would it be possible to then return to the same point and reality in time from when once came, or would one then create an alternate reality upon altering events in time.

2) if one was to travel forward or backward in time, would they actually be in the future or the past, or just the present time of their current reality.


i am of the opinion that once someone is in a certain point in space and time, the past is no longer relevant to them. for example, if one was to travel back in time and prevent themselves from being born, that would not cancel out the fact that they are still existing in their current reality. it would be interesting to contemplate how this would affect the past timeline and also ones current situation tho.

and likewise, if someone was to travel to the future and alter events, by the very notion of being capable of doing that, at any point in time up to said event, other factors could have also altered the future again. altering future events would not complicate things like in the way travelling to the past would however, such as negate-ability of existence of current things however.


for me this is the million dollar question of time travel. perhaps upon initiall leaving of a natural progressive timeline, one would be, for the remainder of their life, existing in a new time line where the past has no relevance on the future or present, and i fail to see how one could ever get back to the initial point in time, or original time line again. this new timeline would be chaotic, a place were anything could happen instantly due to the chain reaction of altering events.

this sentiment would indicate that the future is already pre determined, and perhaps this is the biggest clincher for time travel. if it where possible to travel to the future, the path we are currently on is already determined. upon saying that however, we could also consider the fact that our existence happens instantaneously, but that we experience it slowly over time. if that be the case, to change something instantaneously would not be difficult, and would be undetectable upon experiencing our reality out, over time