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Thread: Respond to reputation comments

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hephaestus View Post
    Didn't work last time I tried. Haven't tried Firefox because, after I'd already spent 10 minutes on the problem without satisfactory results, why bother? When attempting to post a link to a pic takes 150% of the total time it should take, my interest moves from posting the pic to writing a Strongly Worded Letter to imgur about how Insufferably Stupid Their Decisions Are.
    I had the same frustrations, until I used Firefox.
    I think you should try that next time.

    I used Firefox as my main browser for years, then somehow ended up on Chrome and ended up sticking to Chrome because of all my saved data... But it's really no effort at all just to have an Imgur tab open in Firefox.

    Other browsers probably work too.. I've got no idea why Chrome sucks so much ass with websites & forums lately.
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