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Thread: Respond to reputation comments

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    Quote Originally Posted by rokki balbotox View Post
    Ya which do you know
    Main languages:
    English (Native), Mandarin, Japanese, Korean

    Languages I speak decently but am probably a bit rusty:
    Polish, French, Russian

    Languages I studied somewhat (basic vocab and grammar) but (mostly) haven't touched in a while and need a lot more active practice; far from fluent:
    Turkish, Kazakh, Mongolian, Taiwanese (Hokkien), Hebrew, Norwegian, Greek, Spanish/Italian, Thai, Lithuanian, Finnish, Sindarin

    Languages I touched a bit but never got too in depth (probably won't be able to remember them all lol):
    Scottish Gaelic, Vietnamese, Formosan languages (Atayal, Bunnun), Cantonese, Swedish, Estonian, German, Icelandic, Inuktitut, (Egyptian) Arabic, Middle Egyptian, Latin, Ukrainian, Old English, Esperanto.... I think that's most of it?

    Other than that, I've basically just read through the wikipedia pages of way too many languages to count. lol

    My current focuses are primarily improving my Mandarin and Japanese and also learning some more Taiwanese on the side. Other than that, if I have the time and opportunity, I'd like to practice Korean sometimes to keep it into shape and improve that too, and then maybe one day focus on learning another language or two that I'm really interested in, such as Mongolian or Kazakh or Hebrew or Scottish Gaelic or Greenlandic or Tibetan... or maybe just keep improving my Taiwanese? Not sure, can't decide lol; I think I'd most likely go for Taiwanese and Mongolian to complete the East Asian languages set hahahaha XD
    The Brain—is wider than the Sky—
    For—put them side by side—
    The one the other will contain
    With ease—and You—beside—
    The Brain is deeper than the sea—
    For—hold them—Blue to Blue—
    The one the other will absorb—
    As Sponges—Buckets—do—
    The Brain is just the weight of God—
    For—Heft them—Pound for Pound—
    And they will differ—if they do—
    As Syllable from Sound

    —Emily Dickinson

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    Quote Originally Posted by sourpatchkid! View Post
    i feel like a noob but i haven't heard of any of those.
    Dragged Across Concrete is playing on Cinemax. Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn are the two names for the film. It had it's moments. It lags at times. I thought there was too much author/filmmaker personal pov slipped in to make it didactic and/or bigoted at times. Not in terms of story but it reminded me a bit of Hotel Artemis. A film with sufficient star power one would think to prevent it from being dumped so blindly. But once you see it, you're thinking "yeah, glad I waited for cable.

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    What resource would you recommend for learning a little finnish @syntagmatic

    And my god that's a lot of interest and work in languages

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