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Thread: Respond to reputation comments

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hephaestus View Post
    Didn't work last time I tried. Haven't tried Firefox because, after I'd already spent 10 minutes on the problem without satisfactory results, why bother? When attempting to post a link to a pic takes 150% of the total time it should take, my interest moves from posting the pic to writing a Strongly Worded Letter to imgur about how Insufferably Stupid Their Decisions Are.
    I had the same frustrations, until I used Firefox.
    I think you should try that next time.

    I used Firefox as my main browser for years, then somehow ended up on Chrome and ended up sticking to Chrome because of all my saved data... But it's really no effort at all just to have an Imgur tab open in Firefox.

    Other browsers probably work too.. I've got no idea why Chrome sucks so much ass with websites & forums lately.
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    <3 you too

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    SMIIIILEEEEE why dontcha?!

    I was looking for a caveman gif to be like "this is what those men look like to me" but then like, LOL, I was looking at this gif and haaahh this dude's facial expression is like... only a small exaggeration from the expressions I've perceived from those dudes in the past.


    I'm genuinely interested in how strong of a correlation there is between a man's IQ and his propensity to yell "SMILE" at a woman he's never met.

    I also wonder what would happen if a woman walked up to a man who was smiling and yelled "FROWN!"

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    This post gave me hope so I've been crunching my eyes tightly closed trying to draw with my mind, which is what I thought you do, idk I'm confusing myself too
    hah, i'm glad it gave you hope.

    if it makes you feel better, i'm a visual artist (graphic designer/illustrator) and honestly i have a pretty shitty ass ability to see things in my mind's eye*... but if someone were to consider that a disadvantage, i'd ask them why i need to. this isn't affecting my quality of life or my ability to do anything. i can hold concepts in my mind and i have art and eyeballing skills (which can definitely be learned, like using tools and visual measuring techniques they did in the renaissance when art was considered a science) and that's good enough for me.

    if i close my eyes, i can't "see" my SO's face. it's extremely difficult to "see" my pets, or anything i'm familiar with.

    i'm not sure it's as bad as actual aphantasia (i never considered that) but it's not like being able to easily visualize in my mind would improve anything much?

    maybe if i could do it better, i'd leave less of a paper trail as i'm working out visuals/images on paper, but who cares?

    * now i'm remembering the first time i ever came across this phrase. i was like "wtf is a mind's eye? what a weird phrase." i just use my eyes.

    edit: i guess it could make hypnotherapy (i've had two experiences) and guided meditation "visualization" exercises more immersive for me, but idk.
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    who would you pick

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