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Thread: everyone is insane, levels of health theory

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    everyone is insane, levels of health theory

    mental health levels

    1. clueless, unaware of issues
    2. aware/semi-aware but still hiding issues from others/self
    3. aware of issues, honest to others and self about them, but not working on them
    4. aware, honest about issues with others, working on them
    5. successfully worked through issues, healthy (maybe no one ever reaches this level entirely)

    i think you can't force anyone through the above path, but it doesn't hurt to see where people are on it, whether they want to make progress. overall, it makes sense to hang with people on a similar level as you, and with a similar end goal.

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    It seems to me anybody who claims to be in state #5 could just as well be in state #1 .

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    i think maybe there should be two spectrums, 1. awareness of issues 2. desire/effort to fix issues, as someone could be highly aware of their issues with no desire to fix them or motivated to fix their issues but unaware of most of them

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