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Thread: similarminds and the MOTIV test

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    similarminds and the MOTIV test

    I've just been reading the articles on similarminds. Alas I am too sleep-deprived to think clearly, but they're interesting in that I feel like I could both agree and argue with a lot of his conclusions.

    I really liked the deconstruction of Enneagram because it confirmed some issues I already had hunches about.

    Apparently introverts answering survey questions are generally miserable, suggesting that introversion itself is an unhealthy trait.

    I guess that puts me in the minority, since my MOTIV score (SXEWV) was 60% vital. The overall description seems... accurate. Though the fact that it has no narrative and is simply a list of statistically significant survey responses grates on my iNtuitive thought process (and yet it could also be read as funny post-post-modern poetry).

    Going back and reading it correctly, I test as a healthy SXEW. The interesting thing here is that I can still identify with several of the traits in the average and unhealthy descriptions but not all of them. The only thing I disagree with in the healthy description is concerts. Unless we're talking chamber music, I'm not a fan. But yeah, screw neon lights.

    Spoiler: SXEW Description

    Bold = true
    Strike = false
    Italics = LOL

    SXEWV (healthy): (all true unless noted otherwise) not guided by superstitions; not easily influenced; rarely worries; not easy to fool; not easily discouraged; less likely to smoke cigarettes; would enjoy being on a sailboat during a storm; not attentive to their appearance; prefers to be alone when they are feeling badly; less likely to use medications; not afraid their life will be cut short be illness; less worrying than average; spends less time on the phone than average; content with their life; positive; not easily disturbed; not prone to feeling shame; does not demand to be the center of interest; does not sacrifice themselves for others; not easily frightened; does not let themself be used; not status seeking; does not expect things to fail; not rule oriented; not easily hurt; usually happy; likes the unknown; experiences visual anomalies; feels that life has no meaning; does not try to please everyone; not prone to jealously; does not get physically ill when things are not going well for them; does not let themselves be pushed around; is relaxed most of the time; likes concerts; not easily made to feel jealous; rarely scared by loud noises; not easily moved to tears; has good luck; does not act at the expense of others; able to do things properly; does not do what others want them to do; does not think they need protection; is not deeply moved by others' misfortunes; does not try to impress others; not superficial; thinks things work out for the best; not embarrassed to have people see their place; hard to persuade; not afraid they will do the wrong thing; not demanding of attention; doesn't care what people think of them; does not hold back their opinions; likes looking at their body; more likely to think they have as much money as they need; does not find it necessary to please the people who have power; has a high opinion of themself; doesn't care whether they are considered special; does not stick to the rules; not wasteful with money; feels they are able to deal with most things; usually works on improving things, instead of getting frustrated, when everything seems to be going wrong; less likely to believe in one true religion; can be inattentive to their surroundings

    SXEWX (average health): more likely than average to believe that one race of people is better than others; more likely to have bad manners; not able to describe feelings easily; less likely to be affected by the suffering of others; less likely to smoke cigarettes; less likely to follow the crowd; can't hold onto money for long; does not find it necessary to please people who have power; not easily moved to tears; not prone to doing what others want them to do; not prone to changing their mind; less likely to believe in one true religion; less likely to engage in gossip; less likely to believe in god; good sense of humor; not prone to going out of their way for others; does not need to be the center of interest; not prone to maintaining their spaces in an orderly way; not skilled in handling social situations; tends to feel that work is not an important part of their life; how comfortable they feel around a romantic partner is more important than how much they are enthralled by them; tends not to care what people think of them; not easily hurt; can do without the company of others; less likely to make lists of things to do; tends not to like to be relied on by others; not a big splurger; does not like to take orders; tends not to believe that others have good intentions; tends not to be hardworking, driven; does not like to be bothered with other people's needs; does not try to please everyone; not overly trusting; can be hurtful towards others; not a big fan of insurance; tends to be plain in their appearance; tends not to care what others think

    SXEWD (unhealthy): feels that life has no meaning; more likely to have bad manners; puts little time and effort into their work; doesn't bother to make an effort, unmotivated; not attentive to their appearance; more likely to have murderous ideas; not deeply moved by others misfortunes; excels at nothing or very little; not a huge fan of happy people; more likely to scheme against others; tends to feel that work is not an important part of their life; does not bother with polite conversation; less likely to think about tomorrow; does things in a half way manner; doesn't care what people think of them; unaffected by other people's happiness/unhappiness; does not try to please everyone; does not often stop to analyze how they are feeling; tends to think insurance is a waste of money; less likely to have had an intense religious experience; avoids responsibilities; does not enjoy offering directions to tourists; not prone to following the crowd; does not like to be bothered with other people's needs; does not like to attend ceremonies; not seductive; prone to neglecting their duties; does not care whether they are considered special; does not think all will be well; thinks its possible that existence is meaningless; seldom jokes around; rarely notices their emotional reactions; does not demand to be the center of interest; prone to giving up hope; would not bother them if they never had kids; would not hate to be considered odd or strange; more likely to abuse people's confidences; not a fan of neon or fluorescent lights/colors; does not wear fashionable clothing; hard to persuade; not easily frightened; not big on getting massages; has a couldn't care less attitude; does not care what others think; frequently reinvents self; avoids eye contact; tends to speak only when spoken to; expects things to fail; does not enjoy being part of a group; more likely to be unaffected by the suffering of others; dislikes looking at themself in the mirror; does not make friends easily; dislikes children; less likely to believe in god; tends not to believe others have good intentions; more likely to believe religion is foolish; dislikes work; unmotivated; rarely thinks about how they feel

    Here's the MOTIV test. I also took the R-whatever test, which is under construction, but the results were so stupid and boring I don't even want to talk about it.

    MOTIV vs MBTI... MBTI is certainly more evocative, but is MOTIV a more accurate and/or insightful test? My hunch is that tests derived from number crunching provide interesting information but lack a certain... soul.

    Will try to revisit this after I get more sleep. Might have different ideas.

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    Your MOTIV type is SOEWD

    these descriptions are still under development so check back periodically

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    So, basically, I'm an asshole, loner who rebels for no reason and can't get his shit together. Thanks.

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    Yeah, I'm not even gonna bother posting my results because they were completely and utterly off target. Not even close. You can't even see me from there.

    It's interesting when a type description can't even persuade with Forer effect though, so, the system at least can be utterly dead wrong, and that's sort of a point in its favor.
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    i remember taking this before. my "primary type" has changed from vital to offbeat, which i do identify with, but i really don't identify with the description for MOEWX (?). last time i got something that fit a little better...
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    I got SOEWV

    Scored very low for materialist (3%), which apparently indicates 'failure to connect to society, others and the world.

    I also scored very low for thinking (6%), and quite low for intimate (33%).

    All of these fit in with autism I expect, so no real surprise.

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    [QUOTE=flurps;60722]Your MOTIV type is SOEWD /QUOTE]
    Yup, same.
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    I got SOEWD too.

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    materialist 38%, 3% for intimate, 82% for erratic (18% thinking)

    the high erratic score reflects the hard work i have put into ignoring my thoughts
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    Fantastic articles. Thanks for linking to them.

    I had been thinking about the possibility 'maybe introversion really is unhealthy?' lately. And it's true that there is little evidence of personality being a fixed quantity.

    The deconstruction of enneagram was apt, too.


    XOEXD / s|O|ewd
    Materialist 46% 54%
    Offbeat 80% 48%
    Thinking 33% 51%
    Intimate 43% 56%
    Vital 40% 54%

    As usual for Similarminds tests, I feel the test scored fairly but the list of correlated items is a bit off. I can see why they would be typical of such scores though. There's this INTP notion of being organized and rational in thinking, but disorganized and erratic in behaviour, and the model doesn't really account for that. Which, really, makes me wonder if that's even such a thing. Maybe we are not as organized in thought as we think we are. :P

    @Hephaestus: the article about introversion might help to explain that.
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