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It's funny you mentioned this, because today I had a doctor basically recommend exactly that to me.... well reduce anxiety but that's pretty similar, right? But this is also to treat headaches that may not be migraines - this doctor is calling them tension headaches. My neurologist still insists they're migraines.

So I guess I can see how it goes and let you know if it works. So far today I've just gotten anxious about the fact that I'm supposed to stop being so anxious. Ha.
I think for her, the amount of pressure she's under is so high that it would take a major life overhaul to significantly reduce it. Like, she would either need to qualify for disability and welfare so she wouldn't have to work and could spend her time managing her three kids (not an option she would want at all) or her teenagers would both need to quit all their after-school activities and get jobs instead - jobs they could walk/bike/bus to - and/or start babysitting the toddler so mom can take a break. It's like she's the only responsible adult in her entire extended family and she's trying to give all these kids (her teenagers, her toddler who she actually adopted from her no-account sister, her niece) this middle class upbringing of going to the right schools, participating in the right sports... And it's just too much. In an effort to accomplish everything she's literally wearing herself out.

She has all of these obligation she would need to shift around, but as far as I know you're married but have no kids and don't get along well with the rest of your family... I genuinely don't understand why you don't just say "fuck it" and go try out a completely different lifestyle. You might still get migraines, but maybe at least they wouldn't be as bad. I don't think I ever could have lasted as long as you do in your situation ...You must have an amazingly high pain tolerance.

(Not trying to be an asshole. I'm just genuinely astonished.)