INxP here.
We are intelligent and creative. We talk very little and are at ease with communicating in writing.
Inneagram 5w4 best describes the INxP condition, where mbti fails.
We are in continuous battle with logic and emotion.
We are the real Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
We love to procrastinate and sleep.
We take very little care for our physical well being.
We are highly curious. a
We have many mystical experiences throughout our lives.
We can't hold onto jobs or relationships.
We are late bloomers.
We have bouts of high energy and withdrawal.
If unchecked we are prone to mental illnesses and phobias.
But our high intellect can save us from our apparent helplessness.
We have a very attractive personality and gets lot of attention - which we hate.
But our goal is to be being unique - sibliminally we want us to get noticed.
It's tough being an INxP, dealing with logic and illogic at the same time.
We experiment with life like it is a silly game.
Either we are a great success or an utter failure in life.

Hope that helps.