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Thread: Stories interpreted by music acts you want to hear.

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    Stories interpreted by music acts you want to hear.

    Books/stories/poems performed/interpreted by a band/music group you would like to hear/see and a short explanation of why.

    I'd like to hear a Solar Fields interpretation of At the Mountains of Madness. Magnus Birgersson's impressive soundscaping could really bring out the build up in this tale by Lovecraft... the windswept Antarctic wasteland, flying over the huge mountain range, exploring the city of utterly alien architecture and the Elder things and Shoggoths... 6' penguins as livestock...

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    no shit, this is one of my secret projects i've wanted to do forever, make an audiobook of that complete with soundscapes

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    Interesting idea, I suppose.

    I used to have that Mastodon album Leviathan. (Mastodon is a prog-metal band and Leviathan is a concept album based on Moby Dick.)

    It was alright. The running joke on Metalocalypse about it (the "Dethwater" album from the first season), was kind of pointedly funny too, though.

    Maybe I should give this a listen:

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