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Thread: Practice makes perfect

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    Practice makes perfect

    How do you motivate yourself to do the practice that will make you proficient, even excellent, in your field or in a hobby? I am thinking primarily of my experiences learning music and language, where sometimes the best solution is just scales or conjugations. What is your motivation? How do you stick to it when you're just sick to death of C major scales or the subjunctive?

    I ask because I'm bad at this, not because I have answers.

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    I've never been big on motivation, but that might just be how I'm wired. I like the paradigm of cultivating habits better.

    When I'm sick of something, I stop.

    I try to tailor any practice or work I need to do to my level of energy and creativity. If I'm bursting at the seams to try new things, I won't make myself slog through exercises or do tedious editing. If I'm mentally drained but have the need to work I'll do anything that is just a rote task, where I don't need to be creative, exercises included.

    The most powerful practice involves the engagement of your brain and spirit, but it's also very draining. You only get so much actual creativity during the day, so you have to be pretty aware of how you're feeling.

    Another facet of brain/spirit practice is that you can ultimately practice away from your instrument. Often, that's better, because you're not constrained by habits other than the mental ones. I had a very productive period of synth programming once where I would create things as I took a daily walk and as I fell asleep.

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    Things that excite me take care of themselves. I can put in enormous amounts of time and effort -- provided I am really immersed and enjoying myself. That could be a math problem, or wandering around trying to get the picture that is just right. It's a state of mind that is an odd soup of calm and intensity.

    Can't say I have ever managed to deliberately practice anything. External factors along the lines of grades or money, whether set up as rewards or punitive measures, don't appear to do much at all.

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    i think just having goals helps, even if it's something abstract.

    for me, i try to identify the stuff buried deep in my brain (childhood insecurities, usually) that make me wanna be good at [x] in the first place, and bring that to the forefront, frame those things in a more concrete and current way. the motivation is there, i just lose track of it.
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    I don't do anything I don't authentically enjoy or am enthusiastic about. All of the things I have to do in order to be an adult that I don't enjoy I literally feel like I'm being dragged kicking and screaming. Brutal existence in my head being an adult.

    But I have to keep going forward in order to one day bring it all full-circle and do everything 100% that I authentically enthusiastically enjoy. In other words the only thing that motivates me to do the things that feel like I'm being dragged kicking and screaming, is the idea that it is temporary. Whether this is a delusion or not I don't know and I don't care to know either. Lol!!
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