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Thread: Anybody use republic?

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    Anybody use republic?

    I'm thinking of getting their $10/month plan.

    It means I'll finally get a smartphone, thereby entering the 21st century at last.

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    WiFi only? Seems like service would be patchy.

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    I use republic and have the $10 plan (unlimited talk/text on wifi and cell; data is wifi only), and husband has $25 plan (unlimited talk/text/data on both). We have had it for a few years now and initially I would not have been able to recommend it--occasionally I would have a problem where I wouldn't be able to make calls over cell service, but texts would work fine. I was enraged when my car died alongside the road and I could not call my husband or the towing company to fix it, so I needed to use texts. Or when I was going to be late for work and it wouldn't connect my call so I had to text a coworkers cell phone. Stupid stuff like that.

    They did upgrade their service, released new phones, and we have also moved to a new area and now have zero problems. My in-laws also switched their service and it works fine for them too. Republic Wireless supposedly use sprint towers so I'd only be a bit cautious if you live rurally with little/no sprint towers nearby.

    Other considerations:
    --we have fast wi-fi but call quality and sending/receiving messages have never been an issue, even when connecting with wi-fi in public areas
    --the price is great. Also they won't raise your price unless you want to change your phones. This is where they get you---the phones are quite expensive, you have to buy from them and their extremely limited choices, and they are OLD. But our last phones (also smartphones) didn't wear out, we just wanted an upgrade. The moto x is what we have, and it's adequate.
    --they say if you use too much cell and not enough wi-fi they have the ability to drop you from the service but I think you would have to be watching movies over cell service because we've never kept track of how much we use it where, and it's not a problem
    --the method of "text STOP to 97654" doesn't work on these phones/this carrier. I didn't realize this until I filed complaints with the FCC for some spam messages that wouldn't quit and my husband said they didn't ignore my STOP messages, but that our phones are incapable of sending them. Sooooo oops. But I got off their list anyway.

    If you are in a well-populated area, or at least an area that has adequate sprint coverage, and you don't care about *what* phone you have, then WOULD RECOMMEND.

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