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Thread: Describe a day in your ideal life

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    Describe a day in your ideal life

    Imagine that all the things that make you unhappy are gone, all your dreams are realized. What does your day-to-day life look like now? If you've somehow actually done this, describe your actual life I suppose.

    I put mine as a schedule, but don't follow this format unless you want to.

    08:30-09:00: Wake up and freshen up.
    09:00 - 10:00: Breakfast and reading. Breakfast would be slow and hearty, such as scrambled eggs, sausage, and coffee. I read the news.
    10:30-2:30: Work, preferably something physical (but not back-breaking). Plumbing, mechanical repairs, yard work, carpentry, etc.
    2:30-4:30: Break. Take a shower, take a nap, lunch, etc.
    4:30-6:30: Classes. Language, history, philosophy, tradeskills, probably all of the above.
    6:30-10:30: Me-time. Whatever the hell I want to do.
    10:30-01:00: Dinner and socializing, and after that, bed.

    Ideally there would be a few days (like weekends) regularly where I do things like go out fishing, hiking, or just spending all day relaxing, eating, and drinking.

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    In my ideal life i would be able to to deal with whatever happens in the most possitive way.
    Being Stoic about everything.
    The rest is just details.
    I already do that but i am not as succesful as i'd like to be.

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    My consciousness would be inside a computer and I'd do whatever I felt like in virtual reality. Or I could browse the internet. I'd be able to block memories if I wanted to in case I'd eventually get bored. I'd have control over all of my senses so that I could limit the amount of pain I could feel. Perhaps my greatest fear is that one day I might be in unbearable pain. I'd help the community sometimes rather than just entertaining myself.

    If I only had one day of my dreams it would involve finding out about the things I wonder about such as a girl I'm a bit obsessed about who blocked me on Facebook. Ideally I'd meet her and other people who don't want anything to do with me or at least I'd be able to spy on them and get whatever information on them I wanted. That would feel fulfilling.
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    Just a day? What about your ideal entire life?
    Mine would be being in the house alone with wifi and lots of food, access to all books globally, a comfortable place to sit and nice music. A total lack of humans in a ten mile radius would be fine too.
    That's just a day. I'm quite low maintenance.
    It'll also be ideal if i got just about everything i wished for that day. Including my parents' credit card number to buy the full version of World of Warcraft.
    Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

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    09-10: Wake up. Breakfast and coffee. Read the newspaper.
    10-12: Log in to work and spend 2 hours concentrating and solving problems.
    12-13: Have dinner.
    13-17: Log in to work and solve some more problems.
    17-22: Eat, hang out with other people and enjoy each others company.

    And this 4 days out of seven. Seems like a healthy balance.

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    8:00 back to bed
    9:00 coffee a brewin
    10:00 drink coffee
    12:00 take last poop
    1:00 blow everyone's mind
    2:00 subvert dominant paradigm
    3:00 tacos
    4:00 deadlifts
    5:00 shower
    6:00 sex
    7:00 more tacos
    8:00 ???
    12:00 profit
    1:00 bed

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    Wake up naturally (which is between 8-10 depending on when I go to bed) and then have lazy coffee and internet time.

    And then do whatever. I've been fantasizing about riding horses and living in the middle of nowhere and having a huge garden recently. But sometimes I fantasize about doing other things... so I really have no clue what my ideal life would be.

    Reading time before bed would be nice.

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    Pretty much what I have now, having worked and schemed for years to set things up the way I wanted them. Takes some adjustment, when your used to things being un-ideal. What makes it special isn't the schedule, which would read as standard fare (get up, do some work, exercise, go to work, come home, relax, etc), but it comes in the qualia of the day. Specifically the house I have, which we found after many decades of searching and saving, the job, which affords enough freedom but not too much, the work which provides enough free though and enough necessary hard work, etc.

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    8 wake up, sleep at 11 - 12. in my ideal life i have nothing keeping me up at night.

    there'd be no art VS security dilemma. that's the main thing.

    i'd have hens and a rooster (could adapt to waking up when the rooster does), a garden with soil healthy & rich enough that veggies and fruits sprout up on their own (my backyard is already there in some places), easy access to beautiful nature, and at least one dog to go on walks/hikes with.
    chatting on discord

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    In the French Riviera or other area of the Mediterranean coast -
    morning coffee and light breakfast
    some non-existent form of work that allows me to program and problem-solve outside on my feet most of the day
    2 hour lunch break
    more "work"
    pick up grocery items for the night on my way home
    dinner followed by either gaming, literature and occasional evening sport or social event

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