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Thread: Describe a typical day at work

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    Describe a typical day at work

    Please be as detailed as you can.
    Lets see if we can draw any conclusions comparing working days among INTPs.
    I will answer later. I am going to take a hot bath now.

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    I wake up, check my portfolios, check my business email address and if everything is in check I make sure the gears are running smoothly on my crypto-currency exchange. If everything is going well I can call it a day within maybe thirty minutes of work, four hour work days can suck it.

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    1. Arrive at office. Generally a bit late, but not late enough to get scolded for it.
    2. Get coffee. Browse emails and see what's what.
    3. Plan what work I will be tackling for the day. I do IT analysis - so the tasks and projects vary, but it's "same shit - different pile" over and over again from month to month, year to year. Take note of any deadlines approaching for tasks I have been procrastinating on and prepare for some emergency scrambles (another item that comes up during this review is my immediate supervisor nagging me for dumb ass administrivia (time reporting, status reports, etc.) that I never do until nagged. Address situation if pressure is building to critical.
    4. Browse the internet (including INTPC) when I am bored with work. Call it a coffee break, but I will do it as whenever I wish (assuming I am at my desk). I used to go for actual breaks with co-workers, but this has kind of been supplanted by the internet. The internet is more interesting than co-workers - especially at my age where attractive female co-workers are no longer in my pier group.
    5. Lunch will occur at the mid point of all of this.
    6. Go home.

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    I wake up around seven, get ready for the day, prepare a pot of strong Russian black tea, feed the bird and try to get started on doing actual work before eight (one hour earlier during summer). If the Muse decides to wait upon me, I'll be at my desk until the afternoon, writing. Otherwise I'll dedicate myself to more technical tasks (revising old drafts, orchestrating, transposing, checking for correct voice leading etc.), and turn to practising the piano at eleven, beginning with technical exercises, continuing with some piece I consider mastered, followed by those I currently have to work on, and eventually ending with an improvisation. By then it's either noon or past and often I return to my desk to add whatever ideas I've had to the day's previous work.

    If there is still time, I'll have something simple for lunch. If there isn't (which happens more often than not), I rush off to see my music students. There I am faced with the full spectrum of talent distribution, ranging from "Horowitz aged eighteen" to "plays like a potato farmer" (the latter I naturally rid myself off in the shortest of times by means of a feigned impatient, rash and choleric temper, a comedy in which I take more pleasure than is appropriate). My favourite students are those whom I teach composition rather than playing the piano, that is to say, that lesser part of the trade which can be taught (for I believe originality cannot). They also tend to be the most loyal of disciples.

    Since I live quite far from the center of town, considerable time is spent on public transport, reading. - At night, if there's a recital or other performance engagement I need to attend, I make haste to get there on time (well - sort of), which is usually no earlier than eight or nine o'clock. These recitals are customarily followed by a professional "debriefing" (read: bacchanal) with some colleagues present, which may last well into the small hours. - However, most nights thankfully pass without such a spectacle and instead I get home around nine at night, where I have a light supper, see to it that my finances are in order and that the bills can all be paid more or less duly, note down whatever might be interesting to posterity in a diary, and eventually retire between ten and eleven.

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    i read the headlines at the coffee shop to make sure that there is no war or epidemic near me, take my coffee and get in that elevator.
    Sit for the next 7-8 hours in front of the pc.
    Reading various blogs and INTPC.
    Sometimes i might write a poem or two.
    If i see a business email i try to postpone reading it for as long as i can.
    If the phone rings then i will professionally tell them whatever i need to tell them in order to not have them bother me again any time soon.
    If i have to deal with some work that is piling up then i will focus intensively and finish it super fast so i can get back to reading my stuff.
    If i have to attend a meeting i always take a pen and paper with me cause i always end up doodling.
    Sometimes i talk with friends on the phone in order to organise a camping or biking adventure.
    Generally i like my job as long as people dont bother me much, more than a few minutes per day that is.
    If people decide to bother me for a long time or for matters that i am not responsible then i am making sure they understand that i dont like that and that its in their best interest to not do that again.
    i am doing HR shit in the goverment.
    I very rarely respect anyone around me at work.
    Corruption is everywhere.
    Effort to do the right thing is a waste of time and energy.

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    • Get up between 4AM and 5AM. It's the only time in the day I get completely to myself
      • Drink 3-5 cups of tea
      • Brief check email (3-5 usually)
      • Think about some project or another, presently researching IntelliJ Ultimate on a Java projects
    • Work until 6, usually a combination of my personal work and job work (they're both very similar Java projects at the moment)
    • Exercise until 6:30, eat breakfast, get the kid ready and am at the workplace at 8AM
    • Work until lunch and have the soup and salad I bring in.
      • Work consists of barricading myself in my cubical and ignoring everybody except for a little socialization
      • Only one, one hour meeting per week.
      • It's a quiet place (almost all introverts) but there's still enough small noise to bother me, so I spend much of the time listening to classical music on headphones
      • Small team of experienced guys, I work on speculative solo projects only
    • Go home when I feel like it, usually 2-3PM
    • Spend a little time with the family, lift weights on MWF, do some more work, usually on my stuff.
    • Usually tired around 4PM, grab a non-alcholic beer and play a video game.
    • Dinner around 5PM, watch a movie with my wife around 6PM, read around 7PM go to bed around 8PM.

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    I get all jacked up on coffee and prepare food while my coworkers cuss eachother in Spanish and English.

    Glimpses do ye seem to see of that mortally intolerable truth; that all deep, earnest thinking is but the intrepid effort of the soul to keep the open independence of her sea; while the wildest winds of heaven and earth conspire to cast her on the treacherous, slavish shore?

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    I get all jacked up on coffee and stock shelves while my coworkers cuss each other in Spanish and English.

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    get ripped on coffee plus coconut oil while I curse at our pets [commence internet]

    turn on the computer at 10am. turn the peripherals on at 10:15. load ableton at 10:30. <- taking a series of shits between those

    load up whatever session I'm gonna pound away at around 10:45

    wife leaves, I sit down.

    lose the next 1-4 hours to pure singularity pwnage, i am the ghost in the machine, flow everywhere

    eat something. grind for another couple/few

    pour myself a drink, victory has been achieved

    dinner, wife, walk the dog. [cease internet]


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    alternately, session days

    wake up, coffee coconut oil, curse at animals, try to be creative

    shit, eat bowl of cereal to shit more

    text client

    turn on pute, initiate sequence


    client comes

    five minutes of bullshit, dive into it

    make music to spec for 20-40 minutes, run loop while they write. if no song forms, wrap it up. if song, start tracking. if 4 hours then song, bang out quick ref, schedule other session.

    generally, four hours later, kick em out.

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