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Thread: FIFA Women's World Cup 2015

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    FIFA Women's World Cup 2015

    The draw this morning:

    Group A: Canada, China PR, New Zealand, Netherlands
    Group B: Germany, Côte d'Ivoire, Norway, Thailand
    Group C: Japan, Switzerland, Cameroon, Ecuador
    Group D: United States, Australia, Sweden, Nigeria
    Group E: Brazil, Korea Republic, Spain, Costa Rica
    Group F: France, England, Colombia, Mexico

    Once more, the US team is in a Group of Death. Book trips to Canada early to see them play.
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    O ye of little faith. Considering USA is #1 , it's Sweden and Australia who are in the Group of Death, not USA. Besides, winning a World Cup is the only thing Abby Wambach hasn't done in her career, and she wants it bad. I wouldn't want to be Ms. Intensity's teammate if they fail to win the Cup.
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