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  • Re-Gift

    1 20.00%
  • Exchange but tell gift giver

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  • Exchange WITHOUT telling the giver

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  • Stuff in the back of the closet

    2 40.00%
  • Try it anyway

    2 40.00%
  • Kick it to the curb w/rotting Christmas Tree

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  • Cash out!

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Thread: What Do You Do w/an Unwanted Gift?

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    What Do You Do w/an Unwanted Gift?

    ĎTis the season~

    What are you most likely to do with a gift you donít want? Do you ever tell the gift giver you donít like it or need it? If you ever gave a gift the recipient thought was whack, would you want to know?

    Whatís the worst gift youíve ever gotten?

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    I light it on fire, yell, "Sausage!" and launch it into the sea with the trebuchet I built for that purpose. Afterwords I dance around it in the nude before I cover it again with a ceremonial purple tarpaulin. This has proved to be an effective means of dealing with them as they never find there way back after that.
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    This lacks the it depends option. I don't treat every unwanted gift the same. Some things I regift, some I may sell later, some I just give to a friend or donate and sadly some are still stuffed in my closets. I don't tell the gift giver that I didn't like the gift. That would not be very polite. But I'm getting less unwanted gifts than I used to since I'm promoting heavily the idea that I don't want/need any more stuff.

    I don't care what someone does with a gift I gave them. I would rather they give it to someone who will use it than keep it in a closet out of a weird sense of duty. This applies even to gifts I've made myself.

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    If cheap booze: Add to my potential molotov cocktail collection in case of zombie apocalypse or whimsical rioting.
    If food: Will try and toss pending taste.
    If White Elephant: Depends, a World War 2 era still packaged C-Ration sits proudly on one of my shelves, also in case of zombie apocalypse.

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    Take it back if the receipt was given, or re-gift it.

    Re-gifting has been a hoot this year..
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    I don't regift because I'm paranoid somehow the person I regifted to will know the person who gifted me the item i regifted and then I'll look ungrateful

    My mom got me a pink stun gun. I've never used it and don't intend on using it ever because if someone deserves to be hit with a stun gun there's big chance they just deserve to be shot w my gun instead.

    I mean a taser I think would've been more practical but those are expensive. So I guess the stun gun is pretty much one of the worst gifts I've gotten. I'm not getting that close to someone to just rip it away from me and use it on me or just throw it out of my hand

    I don't return gifts because I dont usually get expensive gifts. So it's never worth standing in line to return something for 20 bucks or 20 bucks store credit, at most. I hate standing in the return line.


    I got my friend a gift card to Cheddar's because shed been begging me to go with her (I think she just likes the name). Well after she went with her husband she told me how nasty their food was and I was kind of like well shitttt my bad

    Had a bad experience gifting someone Shari's berries too. I feel responsible when my gift of choice turns out to be shit.

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