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Thread: Epic Musical Moments

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    Epic Musical Moments

    Quote Originally Posted by Thoth View Post
    The seriously most epic musical moment for me was an eleven minute version of Battery live during Metallica's Black tour.
    I thought this might merit its own thread...

    In recent memory....

    • Being 20 feet from Huntress as they performed "Eight of Swords"; later getting the band to sign my custom, band-themed duct tape wallet. Bonus: That same night I saw Alissa White-Gluz perform as the new frontwoman for Arch Enemy. Two metal goddesses in one night.
    • Hearing Floor Jansen perform "Ghost Love Score" whilst touring with Nightwish; holy shit.

    Reaching farther back...
    • Hearing the rocked-out Transformers theme by Lion for the first time as a kid.

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    what your birthday?

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