It's been a while since I've been on here.... heheheh
So basically, here are examples with recordings of two languages I'm using in a story I'm writing... So yeah, tell me what you think!

Dryadian Language
Vzulen wiń smiral. A dco ńwel wim baly, narota nrezyń, vil loha lunysveta hilmav milavy scnyń, scdoń galarae. Poscte win nrutcmal! Ga palkev krevu, arzcysnwora zeń gavu, vil gus smoven ga gzavwen! Svetu ga vseń Artymisal.
(The world is big. And therefore, you shall begin to explore the universe, and search for the faint moonlight at the end of the ocean. The forest has beauty! Go quickly, laugh, and never look back! Artemis will guide you with her light.)

Hyendh Language
O’Hebesec sahaq jina ibudh’ica gubbur mut?! I’irile ö’höbör sahaq jina ibudh’ica gubbur mut?! Jin hläbäräq heregidh o’shewe jöghöt! A’bbarahan, bi’shewe yaräq tlihad ghorot sahaqar. Posor o’dhewelenyed bäräq ghorot bbitir sahar ma, u’shurucusu ith dhewele qobus?
(Do you think I wanted to be “The Great One”?! Do you think I wanted to be the first son?! You know I don’t even like to kill! Brother, there is no need for you to do this. Why must our people always fight with each other and with others?)