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Thread: Little rants that don't deserve their own thread

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    An Egyptian Ambassador to Ukraine assured me he was unlikely to be given customs fees for shipping an item, and insisted that I curtail Ebay's Gobal Shipping Program. Since the item is a sterling silver and gold fountain pen with a gemstone, it would also require special requirements for customs declaration (or at least anything with those materials are prohibited,) and he also insisted it be shipped via Fedex which costs a minimum of $130-$200 and would still have the same requirements, and likely would still have customs declaration requirements, which implies that any failure to ship would likely require a full refund in addition to no prosecutorial risks against him (as he is "above the law".) I initially removed the auction upon hearing his request to not use the GSP process (which basically eliminates the option to use First Class International, and I still went to the USPS website to ship it using Priority International which only gives a slighly better tracking advantage.) I suspect his reassurance was not in my favor, and for whatever reason even in spite of him "not being required" to pay customs duties, insisted I lower the value of the item on declaration of it and be discreet on what it is.

    Shameless Abuses Diplomatic Immunity

    I'm an imbecile and I should have simply kept it from being listed again as I was close to cancelling it after he already paid.
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    Fuck everything in the ass

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