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Thread: Little rants that don't deserve their own thread

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    I played Final Fantasy 6 and watched Cheaters instead.

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    Apparently my gas usage has quadrupled this week... I think that's odd, I don't think I've actually been using 4x as much... Maybe 1 & half times as much.

    Now I've got to deduce of there's a problem somewhere, or whether I've got memory loss when it comes to using the heating.

    Either way, I just had to pay 3/4 of my usual monthly bill in 1/2 the time.... It's not even winter yet!
    When tyranny becomes law
    Rebellion becomes duty.

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    I've actually missed that walking hemmorhoid coworker. I'm gonna work with her today and I genuinely missed her

    Do I have some sort of fcking Stockholm syndrome
    I've been looking forward to seeing her ass

    She is the black, elder Sinny
    And I'm Rev

    That's exactly what it is

    What's she going to nag about today?!

    *competent Rev

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