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Thread: Little rants that don't deserve their own thread

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    I've been texting this woman from a while back, and last night I was kinda horny and started getting flirty and she seemed surprised but into it. I said I want to fuck her, and she said her too, but then she said she was scared of dating. I said I didn't think it would be a good idea for us to date. She got upset. Now I feel like a jerk.

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    Don Caballero "Celebrating the Meat Industry at 145bpm"

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    I recently got a new phone. My old one was smashed up and had been for years. It was also bloated to the gills by update creep and way behind the Android OS curve. I'd paid $100 and got five years of life out of it--the last two with the screen increasingly spiderwebbed, but functional. If it hadn't been crashing all the time when used for web browsing, I'd never have gone looking for a replacement.

    So now I'm up to current--a step behind bleeding edge OS wise--larger screen, and a stylus. The idea was it could replace carrying a notepad around everywhere. Not quite. I don't like the note-taking software at all. The inking is blech. But the larger screen is of some value for reading or streaming Netflix in lobbies. I've tried a few apps for that purpose: worthless garbage.

    In my absence, the app ecosphere, especially for games, has really dug deep into the shitter and surprise surprise, those nuggets they've retrieved are not made of gold. It's not just games though--nearly everything about phone applications has gotten atrociously worse in the last five years, and I now understand that the things I find abominable creeping into desktop/console gaming are being fed by the cancerous blight that the app marketplace has become. Somehow, In App Purchases became the norm.

    I completely understand how a developer would adore this model in the long run. It used to be "release and patch". Release the software a bit early, and use the revenue from sales to fund the final polish, hopefully before too many people see how botched the last third is--and it was a fair gamble since most people don't finish most of the games they buy. Now it's all about funding development directly from the consumers in every way you can. They'll release a beta, and you can buy shit to make the experience more tolerable. Eventually this leads to a model of "what critical things can we paywall and still get people to pay?". In the past, they would provide the first 10 minutes to 1/3 of the game for free, then paywall the thrilling conclusion. Now they paywall game mechanics, gear, and in one I played recently, "normal". But unlike the demo/release model, these costs are ongoing. People have chosen away from paying a buck or two on a crappy game, to paying five bucks every now and then for the same crappy cell-phone game they would have had for a buck if they hadn't incentivised this disease.

    Pathetic and odious. I've nothing but contempt for this paradigm. But that's not where my outraged disdain ends.

    I've had games buzz my phone to let me know a game event had happened. Delete. I've had applications send notifications to advertise shit. Delete. I've had apps want to know where I am--and not ones with any fucking need to know anything except whether they are in use or not. Delete.

    I walked into a diner and Google told me about it. I was sorely tempted to chuck the thing into a river. Instead I just turned off location reporting so it's no longer useful as a navigation aid. Oh well.

    So many faces in need of repeated punching. People need to stop thinking that just because API permits it, it's a good or necessary thing to include. It isn't. We need way way more sequestering and isolation in most of our programs, not more interoperability. That's just crazy from a simple, rational, security standpoint. The annoyance factor of all this needless notification junk data would send it over the top if it wasn't miles over the top to start with.

    I think 90% of the apps I've downloaded were deleted within 24 hours, most of those within hours of first use, not for dissatisfaction with their core functionality, which in some cases was just fine, but because of what they did beyond. They stepped outside the bounds of basic computing decency, so I scrubbed them off like cat-shit on my shoe.

    Most of the apps that have survived, haven't been used yet.
    For some, "how", not "why", is the fundamental unit of measure for curiosity. This divergence is neither parallel, nor straight. Where one might have a "why?-5" problem, it might only be a "how?-2" question. But then, there are also many things where the "why?" is immediately obvious but the "how?" is best measured in centuries of perpetual wonder. Both approaches have their drawbacks.

    If one is superior, the other is unaware of it.

    --Meditations on Uncertainty Vol ξ(x)

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