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Thread: You are in a Supermarket.

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    near Lidl


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    Ya Utisz started that whole ass drawing project thread while abandoning this one


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    Quote Originally Posted by Utisz View Post
    Although you probably don't care about missing the sale, there's a sense of missed opportunity here, of time passing, of being too late to have all the options available to you, of everyone else being at the sale earlier and taking all the good bread leaving you with slim pickings.
    This is true. Going to the store is like playing Frogger (I am referring to that one fucker headed for the same cake I am).
    Lost out days ago is ho-hum.

    it's a joke, but one that suggests you see people around you making a big deal out of nothing. You struggle to understand how people constantly fuss over shit that doesn't matter.
    My God, YES.

    interesting that it's a guy; usually people (women in particular) will see a woman in the way. Anyhow, I guess the overweight guy with the trucker cap here refers to a sort of misogynistic archetype, suggesting that you face obstacles in your life relating to gender issues and being a woman, but that you're willing to fight for your own place in the world.
    I can see why you would think that, but I was thinking more in terms of a certain ignorant, angry, type of person who screams about his rights. It could have been a woman just as easily. Sometimes guys on the forum irritate me with middle-aged bitterness.

    You are very wary of corporations/capitalism and what they will do to make a buck. You also don't have much faith in the general population, or at least you seem to imply many would fall for this "trick". Also the sale is again not something you want; you have different tastes from the masses.
    Very astute, but I think my tastes are simpler than the masses.

    Very specific shampoo and stench, like maybe you've had run-ins with that specific shampoo in the past in some environment where you've felt suffocated, or maybe it's rather symbolic of a saccharine-sweet flavour of traditional femininity that has left you feeling suffocated in the past.
    Wow! Yes, the cheerleaders in middle school always used this in the locker room. And -- as a kid -- I didn't care for blonde girls because they seemed to be the worst: they wrote in pastel teddy bear shaped diaries, they wanted to smell like fruit, and underneath the cotton fluff they were so nasty. I remember one mocking a Chinese girl for hiccuping through class. At some point, she turned snd loudly said "Can you stop!! This is so annoying!" I mean, the girl didn't speak English.

    Somewhere, that girl could be a nurse, doctor, or lawyer...

    Again you're willing to fight for your place in the world and grab whatever scant opportunities life presents you.
    I am, but life hasn't given me scant opportunities. I have made some poor decisions.

    Summary: You see society as being optimised to benefit other people, not you, and you see that the masses can be tricked and cajoled into following along like sheep. You distinguish your tastes from the more conventional, suggesting you don't share the same traditional goals or desires that form part of society's norms. All of the people in your fantasy are other and serve only as obstacles: either as nondescript objects in your way or a conceptual mass of people that are predictable in their patterns. You struggle to connect with most people. You've also had to struggle a lot with gender roles and traditional notions of femininity. On the other hand, you seem to have come to terms with these aspects of society and other people; you are a fighter.
    Fair enough.

    Jonathan Swift -- I heartily hate and detest that animal called man, although I heartily love John, Peter, Thomas, and so forth.
    This has always been my favorite quote. If I do start to flesh someone out, I'm actually extremely loving and silly with that individual. I am generous and happy to feel like I can trust someone. If my efforts and enthusiasm are treated as if they are worthless or if I am betrayed, I never entirely recover.

    So basically, I haven't always been such a bitter misanthrope.

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