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Thread: Valentines Day

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    The INTP surprised me with flowers and a box of chocolates at work. He isn’t the romantic type and I don’t know what got into him but it’s cute. Good thing I have my own room so no one saw me blushed lol.

    He didn’t get lucky that night unfortunately. We barely see each other these days. A little effort could mean a lot though. I think the fact that it isn’t his kind of thing but did it anyway sure makes the thought ten times sweeter.
    We cling to our past as if they define us. What we do defines us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeresaJ View Post
    I totally forgot it was Valentine's Day until I looked at a calendar at like three this afternoon. Then I sent my boyfriend a text all like "Sup, babe? Happy V Day. *emojis*"

    Yeah I'm killin' it.

    Also I nailed (in more than one sense) his birthday, which was like last week.

    The more I treat certain aspects of this relationship as if I'm a frat boy and he's a sorority girl, the more successful I seem to be.

    Can smell the Sarcasm. Why do it if you don't like doing that stuff? Do you love him or you just want to make him happy? Just a question.

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