The ISFJ was in town almost constantly for the past couple of months. For the most part it was actually really chill, but then he had a freakout last week (probably because he was going to be leaving, and just thinking about me being cool about him leaving makes him feel insecure, so he acts like an asshole, same old same old...). We brought it back to normal with minimal fallout and within 24 hours, but man.

My latest this-dichotomy-thing-is-so-obnoxious-yet-fascinating observation:

When we're good we're like the gum-chewing A-hole couple on SNL. "Babe." "Hey babe." "Yeah babe." We complain to each other, do crosswords together. Watch cooking shows. Cook. When we're bad we're like Burt Lancaster (me) and the crazy, would-be abusive therapist in Local Hero and I'm just like WTF.