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Thread: "The Happiness Trap" and "Acceptance & Commitment Therapy"

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    "The Happiness Trap" and "Acceptance & Commitment Therapy"

    Kindle version - AU$6.47

    Illustrated Kindle version - AU$6.47

    Kindle version - US$8.61?

    Illustrated Kindle version - US$?

    See "look inside" link on the cover to see some of the introduction of the illustrated version:

    Intro and Chapter 1

    I bought many copies a while ago for $13 each and donated them to different library branches.

    The new illustrated version is really easy to read. I've nearly finished it.

    It has a picture about "the happiness trap"...

    basically it begins with the person feeling bad, "so you try to escape them by retreating to your happy place". "but your happy place is built from temporary and often toxic things". "which are not strong enough to keep them out forever..." "and now you find that your happy place has bred even more" [bad feelings/thoughts]

    It is saying that you shouldn't try to fight negative thoughts but instead "defuse" them using various techniques. Negative thoughts can sometimes be helpful (e.g. a drunk thinking that he won't be able to drive home safely) and negative feelings are a part of a rich and meaningful life.

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    thank you JohnClay, you're a beacon of hope.
    Quote Originally Posted by Limes View Post
    Jan Bonclay
    “If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” ― Malcolm X

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    Btw I know a few mental health professionals who are fans of A.C.T.

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    I highly recommend this. The happiness trap is amazing. ACT is amazing. It revolutionised psychotherapy.

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