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Thread: An idea for a 4-question MBTI test

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    Lightbulb An idea for a 4-question MBTI test

    I think the problem with most 4-question tests is with the J/P and E/I question, since there aren't much common qualities for I/E or J/P across the types. For example, an INTP might come across as more J because they have a judging function first (Ti), and most INFJs I know really don't agree with the J description.

    I think our best bet for a concise MBTI test would be to check for N/S and T/F preference, like in most of these kind of tests. But then, a twist: instead of a catch-all question for E/I and J/P, I think that the questions should change according to which functions it is testing for. For the J/P, it would see check function is extraverted/introverted, and the E/I would check the order of preference of these functions.

    Example with extremely simplified questions:

    1. Do you prefer theory or practice?
    a) Theory -> N
    b) Practice -> S
    2. When you take decisions, do you prefer logic or emotion?
    a) Logic -> T
    b) Emotion -> F

    Let's say we're dealing with an INTP here, and he answered correctly according to his "true" type. Now, we've discovered that he is NT, so next we'd have to figure out I/E and P/J. I think we should start with the P/J, that way we'd have the functions already. We'd only have to figure out their proper order (E/I) next. The trick here is that the whole idea of extraverted and introverted cognitive functions is really foreign to most people, so I think our best bet would be to just put the descriptions of Ti and Ne in the same box and Te and Ni in another.

    3. Check for J or P
    a) Ti and Ne -> P
    b) Te and Ni -> J

    For I/E, we'd only have to choose which part of the descriptions fits us the most.

    4. Which description fits you most? What do you prefer?
    a) Ti description -> I
    b) Ne description -> E

    Et voilą! It's not perfect, but it's just an idea I had after seeing the "one question test" thread by Anonymous. What do you think? I could make a little script for it.
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