All my mafia test answers jumbled together haphazardly done from memory of the test questions.

I left my water bottle in the hotel, as I didn't want to drink the water in whatever third world country Madrigal is having a village party.

I usually describe my dick with three shaft characters like 8===D but I am unsure how this converts to conventional measurements.

I would plan the house break in methodically and then never actually do it.

If I was mafia I would want to kill a random townie so as to give no hint to the townies as to my thought processes and who I felt threatened by.

The woman who asks me to dance is Madrigal's twin sister. I accept and we discuss how Madrigal always imagines mafia games on a back drop of social revolution, how is she so one dimensional. Does she even have an imagination?

I would bukkake on Oprah, I see how this is important information to have.

Clearly I would avoid posting in the parade thread until I think of a suitably funny way to respond to it.

If saying, 'I'm mafia' in a joking manner is enough proof for us to vote someone out of the castle is it logical to treat answering these tests in a joking manner the same way as the test writers propose? How about writing the test in a joking manner?

I consider myself to be a reserved player. I think I am a weak townie because I am bad at convincing people to trust me or my judgment. I am a bad mafia for the same reasons.

The person standing still outside the dancing catches my eye because no one is bothering them. How are they going unnoticed?

I think of the number 7.

I never really considered sherlock holmes a sociopath either whats up with that.

I cant remember any more specific questions hope this helps.