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Thread: What would you do if you were blinded? Deafened? Lost a limb?

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    What would you do if you were blinded? Deafened? Lost a limb?

    Sometimes I worry about these kinds of eventualities and I feel like it helps assuage those fears if I make plans for what to do in that situation.

    How would it impact your career? Your lifestyle? What would you do instead? How would you adapt?


    If I was blinded, it would make it very difficult to continue with programming. Maybe I could learn braille and use a computer that way, or even work on blind-accessible programming paradigms, but I would probably be better off going back to music - maybe busking or something (teaching would not be very good since I wouldn't be able to see my students' positioning). I'd also probably try and get one of those things that stimulates your skin or tongue based on video or sonar input, so that I could walk around without tripping on the environment and pretend I was Daredevil or something. I wouldn't want a seeing eye dog since I am not very good with animals. I would want a fancy headdress that covers my eyes like the Miraluka in Star Wars.

    If I was deafened, on the other hand, it'd be almost the opposite - little to no impact on my career functioning and in fact it would serve as a bulletproof excuse to avoid talking to people. But it would be very difficult to get used to never hearing music again (outside of my imagination). I'm not sure I would even bother to learn sign language, since modern technology makes it so easy to communicate electronically.

    Losing a leg would be kind of a pain since I do a lot of walking & biking in this icy city and I live in a basement suite, but moving somewhere warmer is something I intended to do anyway, and it's a relatively normal adjustment to make. My family is already quite used to dealing with wheelchairs & stairs & other mobility concerns due to my brother's disability, so although it would be an adjustment, it is not unexplored territory.

    Losing an arm or even just a hand would probably be the worst actually - especially a dominant hand. There are so many little things that I take for granted that would become needlessly difficult with only one hand. Of course, you adjust, but getting dressed, packing & carrying bags, washing self, washing dishes, opening containers, the list goes on. This is the only one I can think of as making me legitimately feel dependent on another person. But maybe it wouldn't be that bad, especially with an adequate prosthetic.
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    Blinded – that would mean the end of working independently, so I'd probably wait until the next freezing winter evening, drink a nice bottle of red, take a walk in the woods and go to sleep in the snow.

    Deafened – perhaps the most horrible nightmare I could imagine, but at least I'd be able to keep composing, so: live on and adapt.

    Lost hand – Hopefully not the dominant one, but even the left would put a stop to playing any instruments I know. I'd have to think long and hard about this one, Paul Wittgenstein and all.

    Lost leg – Again, if it's the right leg, it might still seriously interfere with piano playing; the left leg would be a hassle (because how would I play the piano and forte pedal at the same time?!) but probably something for which I could find a workaround (prosthetic or otherwise).

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    Blinded: This would be the worst for me by far. I am deeply visual, the vast majority of my skills would be useless. I'd do a tonne more writing. This one would really bring my life to screeching halt and I'd be a psychological mess for a very long time.

    Deafened: I would actually love this. Take it all. I'm overtly sensitive to auditory stimuli but not musically inclined, music is pretty unremarkable for me and sounds frequently overwhelming. A couple years ago I ended up with a set of ear infections that had me partially deaf for several weeks, the pain was incredible but the lack of noise was euphoric. A little while later I was waxing wistful to some rando about it, turns out she WAS partially deaf and agreed wholly with me. It was one of the best things that ever happened to her.

    Lost Hand/Lost leg: Modern prosthetics are the shit. Adapt and continue. Other than the time to relearn how to do everything I wouldn't be all that bothered.
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    I'd be quite annoyed, but probably none of these would really change my overall plan.

    Blinded: Learn braille, I'd probably become about 10x more productive than i am without the endless stream of visual consumption available to me. 90% of the time wasting activities i enjoy will be unavailable to me. I can only hope this is the end fate has in store for me.

    Deaf: Who cares. Again, just cripples my enjoyment of time wasting activities.
    1 leg: wheelchair, ugh, similar to being blind, my independence goes out the window. Unfortunate, but I'm not really putting it to good use anyway.

    Lost hand: If it's a primary hand, i'd probably try to use my left hand for a while, when that didn't work i'd probably quit at being a productive individual. Practice loading my pistol with my left hand. Then use it.
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    Blindness would be catastrophic. Would probably call for suicide. As a generally solitary individual who values his independence, I just wouldn't be able to cope.

    Deafness would be much less of a big deal. I'd miss music but I'd learn to get over it. Conversation would be a challenge, but surmountable. A single limb would be inconvenient, but with prosthetics these days, one could get by. Pari/quadriplegic OTOH, may also call for suicide.

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    Losing a limb would be frustrating. But people without limbs have done more than me, I spent a year of my late adolescence unable to walk, being left-handed is like only having one and a half hands (or two and a half depending on circumstance), so I'm fairly confident in my ability to adapt. Plus, there are some really cool prosthetics these days. I'd make the most of it.

    Losing my hearing would be aggravating, but I figure it's going to go eventually anyway. It would probably be an overall improvement in many ways--I'd become immune to screaming children in diners, the noises of neighbors would be less troublesome, I wouldn't have to listen to anyone's stupid bullshit--and I've always wanted to know what it was like to hear using an implant, ever since I happened on a broadcast on cable one night where they showed one being implanted.

    Losing my sight would be very tough. But it would remove the barrier that keeps most sighted people from learning to read braille by touch--the ability to see gets in the way somehow. They keep looking instead of relying on touch.

    It would take the greatest amount of adaptation because I would have to become massively more meticulous and fastidious in my habits, so as to reduce the amount of injury I did myself. I'd save money on window cleaner if cleaning my windows was a thing I did. If I still had my hearing I could still enjoy audio books. But it would be even harder to find employment.

    In a way, that would be a relief too. I could just point to my blindness and blame my failure on that.

    I would blunder along, somehow, so long as I remembered the years Roxie, my blind Boston Terrier was alive. Yeah, she ran into things from time to time, but she was feisty, strong, and very capable of giving and accepting affection. It would be an insult to that memory to give up just because I was blind.

    Especially if I too, still sneezed when stepping out from a building into sunshine.
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    blind- attempt to become daredevil...when that fails suicide
    deaf- if i have auditory hallucinations... suicide, I'm sensitive to noise so I've always wondered what it would be like. the quiet would be nice if it's even really quiet..

    lost one hand- get a hook
    lost two hands- suicide..somehow
    lost an arm- get an prosthetic sword arm.
    two arms- suicide
    lost one leg- ehhhhh depends how much of the leg is gone, maybe just get a gun leg
    lost two legs- suicide

    I'm not that attached to life.
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    Communicating with sound can be remedied through assistance, but blindness would be a significant hindrance, as you would be far more codependent. Losing a limb is less worse than blindness.

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    i'd be devastated if i lost anything, esp my vision as i'd have to completely start over in terms of my (profitable, expressive) interests & skills.

    knowing me, though, i'd just learn to deal with it... i'd be really depressed but there's always something. i would find something new.

    if i lost my vision and still could hear things, i'd be listening to music all day (back to old habits) and would probably be inclined towards gaining musical skills.

    losing limbs would really fuxin suck but i'd deal. i'd be really motivated to become as independent as i can. i'd miss the lack of privacy during times when i need assistance.
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    Pretty much this... least I hope I'd have the composure about it that I imagine I'd have. There'd probably be a bit of anxiety at some point...but I'm not overly attached to any of the senses.
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