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Thread: I need help with camera shit plz

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    I need help with camera shit plz

    Camera model Canon EOS 50D

    So, I needed a long range night vision camera, for, well... stuff and things.

    Stock canon cameras have IR filters in place for reasons I don't give a fuck about. I decided to remove mine. It worked and was a clean job, however, autofocus is broken... I can easily manually focus the camera but i need autofocus as well. Can anyone help me with this? I just took the entire fucker apart, removed the IR filter and put it back together. Nothing more or less.

    Pics below:

    Naked pcb

    Stripped pcb:

    sensor/filter array:

    IR shots:

    ^^ the above is an IR remote otherwise invisible to the human eye.


    If you guys have requests to see IR images of shit I'll be available for a bit (two days, probably).
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