It’s time we make another realization of reality… lol, gosh why am I always high?
First off, in my discussion, I will associate the thinking function (ehem Ti) with logic. Because I can.
K... Here goes nothin’!

Intuition is like an extra sense of knowing the effects and logic is more of the reasons. We can say that if logic uses a third person perspective or an over view, then intuition uses first person perspective or is targeted to one’s self. This is why logic connects through ‘objective memories’ while intuition connects through ‘subjective memories’.

When logic becomes too dominant, first person PoV is somewhat obstructed. To counter this effect, intuition infiltrates logic and sensing centered to self is taken over by sensing centered to surrounding, giving a feeling of pre-association: déjà vu. This can lead to or be caused by schizophrenia. When intuition becomes too dominant, third person PoV is somewhat obstructed. Ti infiltrates Ni and sensing centered to surrounding is taken over by sensing centered to self, giving a feeling of dissociation: jamais vu. This is like part of depersonalization. Wait, isn’t this just a theory. Uhmmm actually… jk :P

I can appoint dream phenomenon to further explain these phenomena because why not? Well I would like to say that we can also observe a change in brain frequencies (alpha to gamma) here. Urgh, dream-game on fuhliiiiik

So… I have been experimenting with my dreams lately. I have started to notice that the more I become interested in dreams and be abandoning of my daily, boring life, the more my dreams feel real. Not lucid though, just realistic. I have also noticed that time slowly becomes more noticeable there. It's like there is an inclining sequence and logic to my dreams. I have come to accept dreams (or am forced to) and in turn, the dreams accept me as a being there. When I can no longer form connections or my train of thoughts aren't in sync anymore, a dream loses control of me and drifts away. and yes, the moments I die or things go nuts are the exact moments I go from one dream to another… like a realisation subite. Because what the fudge! They don’t make sense to me. I also think that the mind can only understand what makes sense to it. Does that make any sense to you? Okay so this isn’t THE phenomenon of course.

Can you have two superior functions? Well, let’s just say you can. Hey Mickey! Don’t you know how amazing that is? I call this the division personnification. This encompasses what I have said earlier. Hey Mickey! I have hypothesized that the inferior functions that support these two must always agree with each other and be in line with each other as well. Now back to dreams, I mean THE phenomenon. Sleep-walking is somet- jk, it’s really lucid dreaming. Now how can I say we have two superior functions in lucid dreams? In lucid dreams, our Sensing and Feeling is activated, oui? Eherm, we usually experience dreams in perspectives. Namely first person PoV (N-dom) and third person PoV (T-dom). During a regular dream, these functions swing back and forth and are unstable. I guess. Hahaha -__- How do lucid dreams feel real? At least here’s how I do it: You submit your reasoning to what is happening and see it as possibility in reality. Your reasoning must be: anything can happen so anything must happen. Hey Mickey! Bring meee tooo liiiiiiiiiife!!!

In my opinion, lucid dreaming occurs because of second person ‘perception’. Second person PoV can’t be perceived in anyway, it can only be acted upon on. It's a sense of authorization and control. You are the world and you affect how your persona reacts. In other words, you aren't the persona breaking the rules, you are the rules and your persona just obeys you. This is a sign that you are using both the Intuition and Thinking function as you both handle the cause and effect of happenings. Similarly, if you use second point of view in any concept or idea, you are pretty much expounding and contracting principles at the same time. You are the rules and anything you "perceive" is subjected to your truth and reality. You can think of second person PoV as the unconscious mind. Think about it, you can only perceive the unperceivable when you are not perceiving (uhmmm… wat?) I do think as well that lucid dream is perceived because you aren’t the second person PoV, you only have the access to it. You perceive a lucid dream because you exist in both second person PoV and either third or first person PoV. In much simpler terms (god i hate english), you are half conscious. I don’t know but I think when S and F functions are both superior, you experience the creepy sleep paralysis.

So what do you think of this? What do you think of the second person thingy? I think everyone has the exact same one second person.