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Thread: Science microthreads

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrubjay View Post
    If I understand correctly, hydrogen sulfide is found in stinky farts. So, Uranus actually smells like an anus.
    They totally should have titled the article, "Your Anus Smells Like Uranus."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Catoptric View Post
    (Stun gun on lcd screen, etc.)
    I resorted to just getting a Samsung S9+ which comes with a DeX pad (when bought on Samsung's website) that allows the phone to be used as a PC, in addition to charging.

    I could have perhaps waited for my existing contract with Sprint to complete, and I would have considered getting an unlocked phone for cheaper than the $900 I spent, however didn't also want to run into unexpected issues that comes with unlocked phones not giving full functionality. Some issues exist with S9 causing dropped call audio among other things. One of the issues I decided to remedy which I haven't been hearing about with the S9+, such as the phones potentially breaking, by buying a metal case and due to its size got a belt holster/clip. I won't be using induction charging, and fortunately I don't have to resort to using an accessory to connect a headphone. I'm aware that the metal case could likely affect signal issues, or GPS. . .

    In short, the issues with the lcd screen are likely caused by pressure damaging the electromagnetic conductance, and possible warping that ruins the sensitivity. I didn't quite get the lcd screen to remain completely flush and it has a bulge, and has some issues that makes the use of the phone nearly unbearable. It does return to functionality with sparking it though that is a temporary solution.

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