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Thread: Help Math Whizzes

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    Help Math Whizzes

    Trying to calculate the area of my lot with limited information and a household full of busy people who are cranky from a heatwave, and I can't seem to get my focus well enough to figure this out...especially with the limited info available on the plot plan that I have from the city, and the fact that I haven't really done much math related to arcs, so I'm trying to teach myself amidst this unfavourable environment. Then I thought of you lovely I have crudely recreated it in MS Paint with available info and indication of the section I want to know the area of.

    Thanks to anyone that wants to take a crack at it. Units are in feet...but it'd be sweet to get the area in square meters...though I can do that conversion easy enough on my own.

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    Here's what I did:

    I assumed those are circles, so the segments sharing radial lines should have the same proportion of their circumference

    To get the radius and the outer and inner circumference

    And then the area of the big circle segment minus the small circle segment

    and I just approximated the blank spot at the end as a triangle, it should be pretty close.

    It's late, I'm high, my math is probably wrong and I don't remember geometry terms
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