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Thread: Rules and suggestions for future mafia games

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fitz View Post
    I liked the 48 hour periods they worked pretty well with everyone having real life obligations to deal with along with playing the game.

    The majority vote ending the day only benefits people that can play the game all the time effectively giving them more control. So, fuck that.

    Thanks for putting in the work to run this Blorg.
    Agree with all this.
    Watching the last minute vote changes at the end of the day is exciting and informational, too. Layer of tactics and teamwork I felt was almost missing this time.

    Thanks, blorg. That was a tough one.
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    I agree. I prefer the eBay sniper endings, though 48 hours can be a loooooooong time. Maybe, with the timer thingy, we could have a progressive shift between 48 and 24 or 36 hour days as the population dwindles? Might be something to beta anyway, as I agree the long days allow people to better navigate life obligations.
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    Yes, I believe we did that before, shortened the days as the players declined, though we all agreed to it. That worked well.
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